Monday, 28 September 2009

Tiny percent of top level Amway adherents only make money

Your naive young friend, Trivedi, isn't going to admit that he's been duped. However, I've seen the accounts of numerous 'Amway' adherents right up to the so-called 'Diamond' level. This is way above the level that Trivedi has reached so far. I've yet to see one shred of quantifiable evidence that any 'Amway' adherent has ever made an overall profit the operation of a so-called 'Amway Business'. Eric Scheibeler was a so-called 'Emerald' . He has proved that he lost approximately $100 000 in 10 years and passed around 4 millions to his leaders. All this money came from the sale of books, recordings, tickets to meetings, etc.The tiny percentage of 'Amway' adherents who have made money, have actually made it from the parallel advanced fee fraud, not from selling the products and services. Eric Scheibeler got out of 'Amway' when he was given access to the wider evidence that this was so. He realised that the whole 'Amway'organization was a giant lie and that his entire life was geared to promoting this lie. One thing is certain, Trivedi will have never seen the audited accounts of anyone above him in the 'Amway' pyramid.
The following transcript comes from the American television documentary show, 60 Minutes. The interviewer is Mike Wallace the interviewee is Bruce Craig (who was the Assistant Attorney General of Wisconsin during the 1980s).
Craig: We're charging them (Amway) with deceptive business practices, because of the use of those hypotheticals, because they so vary from what we feel is reality.
Wallace: (voice over) Bruce Craig investigated some examples used in Amway literature. Examples that said that Amway Distributors could make $1200 a month. Money that some Amway Distributors claimed could be earned within just a few hours a week. But after looking at the average income of the 20 000 distributors in Wisconsin, Craig came to the conclusion that such a claim was outlandish.
Wallace: Surely someone is making that kind of money?
Craig: Yes. That's correct.
Wallace: How many percentage-wise?
Craig: About one percent.
Wallace: (voice over) Amway did make the disclaimer that $12 00 a month was only hypothetical, but that still doesn't convince Craig.
Craig: if the figure of successful Distributors was one out of five as opposed to one out of one hundred we wouldn't be in court right now.
Wallace: (voice over) And Craig says that even the Distributors who, on paper, earn an average of $14 000 a year in Wisconsin actually earn a lot less.
Wallace: How much do they actually make?
Craig: After business expenses, a net income of minus $918.
Wallace: Wait a minute! The Direct Distributors who make a gross income on average of over $14 000 wind up losing almost $1000 after business expenses?
Craig: On average. Yes.
David Brear


dtytrivedi said...

i think u just love to read intial lines. i said i started business couple of weeks back, how can i start making profit in millions.

And shyam u said u have the quantifiable evidence that amway adherents have not made money.

check in case of Anurag and nidhi agarwal, Raja naren or i would say find a single indian amway diamond who is diamond and making loss....

Tex said...

The point is the tool scam means most IBOs lose money, and operate at a loss until about the Platinum level. India has taken some action against this practice that has been outlawed in the UK, but is still occurring in the U.S. What are your CD, meeting, and other tool costs?

dtytrivedi said...

well as i said i purchase it very rare, incase i need it, otherwise my main source for giving information is through facts and informations which i have collected through internet.

Tex said...

Can't you answer a simple question with a simple answer? How much do your various tools cost?

Tex said...

Also, what is your NET profit?

dtytrivedi said...
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dtytrivedi said...

well my tools cost is 100-150 Rs per month one months. My mother is also involved in the business so i take for her often.

my travelling expense would be Rs 200 per month
(distance for the open meeting is not far)

And i don't consider home meetings cost, as often guest and family members visit our house.

and my retail and income combined is around Rs 2000 minus expenses including other miscellanious, so my net profit is Rs 1500.

good income initially for me in 2 months time!!!

Tex said...

Those are the only tools you use? No major functions? No voice mail? No web site?

Tex said...

What did the 100-150 Rs buy?

dtytrivedi said...

ohh in some case books in some case CD

dtytrivedi said...

i buy book or CD in a month

Abhishek said...

In India too; costs are really reduced compared to US
CD-USD1.5 (Rs80)

DTM- USD 1(RS50)4times/year

BBS USD 3(Rs150)6times/year

Major Weekend USD 12 (RS600)2times/year

Abhishek said...

Website USD 6 (Rs 500) /6months

dtytrivedi said...

well is there any things else Mr. Tex u want to know!!!

Prakhar said...

I agree with dtytrivedi
There is not even a single amway Diamond who is making losses.
You can see Ashish & Prabha Garg, Sumeet & tanya Bahadur...
There are hundreds of examples.
Amway is NOT a scam. It is a kind of business in which you can earn millions just by devoting some time in it.

Shyam Sundar said...

Trivedi is now a changed man. He is realising the real crooks and looking at them with diligence.

Unknown said...

For all who wanted to know tools cost per month or year . I hereby mention maximum cost if anyone attends all meetings , fu actions , subscribed to maximum CDs n books
Open meetings cost
Rs 50 per meeting
Max 4 in a month
Max 36 in a year
So total annual cost rs 1800.

BBS cost
Rs 300 per BBS
Max 9 in a year
So total cost rs 2700

Big function cost ( success seminar , summer conference n FED )
Rs 900
Max 3 in a year
Total cost rs 2700

SOP cost( subscription of books , CDs n lamplighter)
Books 100 per month
CDs 440 per month
Lamplighter rs 50 per month
Total cost 1200+ 5280+600= 7080

So if some attends all meetings ,functions n seminars subscribes to all books n CDs
Total yearly cost comes out to be rs 14280
Monthly costs comes out to be rs 1190
And if someone achieves the first level of 6% every month , he or she is still at profit coz at 6 profit is rs 1200 plus.

Kindly check facts before blogging.
Diamonds n emeralds r making huge money