Sunday, 27 September 2009

No riddles youngman Trivedi be straight

This is the typical of example of how cult adherents react. After avoiding to answer a simple question he talks in riddles. He is afraid that the racketeering of Amway would be revealed if he straight answers to the question on his earnings. Because the answers would reveal the real secret behind the Amway racketeering.
Also he did not say whether he had visited the earlier posts to read Nirmala's story. Her experience is similar to that of thousands of victims in India. But many do not come out openly. By a chance meeting, Nirmala has confided with me. That is exactly what happened to Satyanarayana case in Hyd. Now they are happily living with a new born child. Even his wife's parents are now convinced that Amway is not business but racket.


dtytrivedi said...

well my point is proved,

I am 6 percenter earn around 1000-1500 Rs

rocket said...

Looks like he had to be shamed into giving a normal straight forward answer.

He must be a student of IBOFB.

dtytrivedi said...


Just look at the recent conversations which i did with him, i already told that just couple weeks back i started building this business, i am not ashamed my fried, infact i was just how much he knows, becausehe told that he knows a lot in building the business. I am not ashamed of what i am doing?

I from the very begening told that i am 6 percenter and any damn person who knows the sales and marketing plan would say the same.

i was hiding from nothing.

rocket said...

Then why did it take so long to answer?

Congrats on 6% by the way.

dtytrivedi said...

my friend, listen one thing.

this is to all of u to whom i am saying.

U know what, i was showing to two of my newly joined prospects.

I show them sales and marketing plan, and i can say that atleast they can say that there are certian levels which a distributor has to qualify then only he can achieve the pin of silver.

One of their biggest query was that why people who said that they know amway since last 5 to 6 yrs they say that its trap to steal people's money.

My answer to them was simple, they simply don't know the sales and marketing plan, they think e.g 6-4-3 in a mandatory manner, they don't know the levels before silver (which was quite evident in case) and i showed our argument with them.

Listen my friend, did u know that all the levels are more than sufficient (i repeat) more than sufficent to tell u their income.
Incase if they don't know we tell them on the base of business turnover generation (and not on the basis of how many recruited in their team)

And this was one of the simplest example of it.

Now i may say that i am earning Rs 15000 or 1500000 as a 6 percenter. And in most of the case u will get confused. reason is simple.... u don't know the sales and marketing plan.

Now again i tell to Mr rocket or Mr. shyam what is 6 percenter. if u tell me that u don't know i promise i will tell u whole stuff what is 6 percenter and what are the other levels before silver. I give u my word.

dtytrivedi said...

once again I am not hiding anything, i just want answer in yes or now and i give u my word i will explain u whole.

Tex said...

What is your NET profit?

dtytrivedi said...

as a starter in building this business my net profit is roughly 1000- 2000 Rs

Taking into consideration travelling cost and telephone cost, and tickets for business promotion.

I rarely use books and cds and tapes.

I use only internet, open meetings and home meeting as source of business promotion.