Thursday, 24 September 2009

Trivedi may end up as a victim in future

Back in the 1990s, I complained to old the UK Dept. of Trade and Industry that 'Amway UK Ltd' was one small part of a vast US-based criminal organization running a closed-market swindle and an associated advanced fee fraud. At this time, my own brother was a fanatical 'Amway' adherent. He had undergone the classic 'us versus them' personality change and, his total conviction that he was going to make millions out of 'Amway' had persuaded my sick elderly mother to give him control of 50% of everything she owned. My brother was completely brainwashed by 'Amway.' He had given up his teaching job and was busy dissipating all my family's capital assets to benefit of racketeers in the USA. My brother had filled his home with piles of quasi-religious books and tapes (which had cost him many thousands of pounds) and he was acting under the self-righteous belief that by helping other people to achieve their dreams: he would achieve his own dreams.
I clearly explained to UK government officials (and even to a Consumer Affairs Minister, John Taylor) at length how there were virually no external retail sales being conducted in the closed
'Amway' scheme (due to the banal quality, but huge prices, of the products) and that deluded de facto slaves (like my brother) were obliged to consume and to try to recruit more de facto slaves to consume and recruit, etc., in the vain hope of eventually making a profit. I also explained that there had to be a virtual 100% failure/ loss rate in 'Amway.'
This type of endless chain fraud is a crime (punishable by a prison sentence) under UK Trading Schemes law. However, the 'Amway' mob were also obstructing justice in that they had prevented investigation of their criminal activities in the UK. This was initially achieved by disguising illegal payments as 'sales', and also by infiltrating government. The 'Amway' mob were employing at least two Conservative Members of Parliament, James Lester and Andrew Rowe, as lobbyists, and using the 'UK Direct Selling Association' to influence government policy in their favour. Although questions were asked on my behalf in Parliament, for more than 10 years, a group of DTI officials and at least one Minister for Consumer Affairs, Gerry Sutcliffe, blocked all investigation of 'Amway UK Ltd'. The company also employed attorneys in an attempt to discredit me. A letter was circulated by these attorneys along with a copy of another letter (hand-written by my own brother), in which it was falsely stated that I had invented all my accusations about 'Amway' being a fraud, because I was 'involved in a family vendetta.' Indeed, this letter even sought to change the nature of my specific accusations.
When 'Amway UK' was finally investigated, it was discovered by UK government accountants and lawyers, that all of my accusations were, in fact, accurate. However, only a civil petition was filed against 'Amway UK' by the UK Minister for Business Enterprise and Regulatory Reform, John Hutton. Yet, in private, one senior UK government official was comparing 'Amway' to the 'KKK' and describing its adherents as brainwashed dupes. Sadly, UK government officials are not allowed to give their honest opinions in public.
The billionaire America-based racketeers who control 'Amway UK Ltd' cannot be held to account in the UK, indeed the company officers of 'Amway UK' have never faced a rigorous criminal investigation. The company survived only a civil petition to have it 'wound up in bankruptcy,' by employing attorneys (including a former Deputy Director of the UK Serious Fraud Office, Peter Kiernan), to pretend affinity with regulators and to present lies to a UK High Court Judge. In brief, the company officers of 'Amway UK' (effectively) put their hands in the air and admitted that they were running and hiding a closed-market and that an advanced fee fraud was also present in 'Amway', but they pretended that they had been completely unaware of these problems and that they would prevent them in future.
Although my brother is no longer active in 'Amway,' his own ego still prevents him from facing the reality that he was deceived by a puerile lie and that he destroyed his own family.
My brother is a classic example of a silent cult victim and, unfortunately, your naive young friend, Trivedi, will probably end up just like him.

David Brear

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dtytrivedi said...

well i would say during this ongoing conversations, tell me single instance where i have mentioned anything regarding books , tapes, cassettes or seminars which BWW promotes.

I have always shown u the facts and only facts which according to u is the only reliable factor. U also rely on that.

Difference is that in most of the cases ur facts are from blogs, opinions and from mastan vali website. And in case of mine various press related websites (as i have mentioned couple of them before)