Wednesday, 30 September 2009

The Amway myth of Total Financial Freedom in 2-5 years

At this rate how long it would take to youngman Trivedi to achieve the Amway myth of "Total Financial Freedom in 2-5 years." Anyway he would realise soon that is a hoax.
Let us focus at other points. Trivedi mentions that his group business volume's worth is Rs. 15,500. Let us see what comprises that group. It is nothing but 6-4-3 formula. The group consists of members recruited by Trivedi. He did not disclose how much time and money he spent to recruit those members. He must have recruited six members and they in turn must have recruited four persons each. And these four persons must recruit three persons each to complete one leg; that is the formula.
Now Trivedi kindly explain how many you've recruited and how many were recruited by them.
Another point is that Trivedi has friends and relatives who purchase products from him and they would naturally be interested to become members to get 20 per cent commission instead of purchasing from him. Now they have to look for friends and relatives to sell products. Where do they find so many persons who can afford to purchase a toothpaste for Rs. 120?
I hope now Trivedi realises the whole racket of Amway and comes out of this web.


dtytrivedi said...

Nope, again wrong mate. although nice try to convert it to scam.

Look i have 4 downlines, however one is more or less in active, he is just intersted in using products.

and the one of my downline is have 4 downlines.
and the second one is having 2 downlines and 3rd one is having 1 downline.

Now what type of structure it is

dtytrivedi said...

well when it comes to contact it took 4 phone calls from bsnl which cost me 100 paisa per call to contact a person.

the other one i called through mobile it took 3 phone calls, it took me Rs5.50 and the other just came to my house for social visit and i showed them the business plan.

seee how costly it is man.

The way u are asking and thinking i also think that australian education export is nothing more than a scam.

why, well for good education it takes loan of 11 to 15lacs
plus rent for staying there which is around 15000 to 30000 depending upon the place. the cost of travelling, cost of buying grocery,cost of monthy expense of mobile phone, the cost of buying other stuffs for peronal use, the cost of education like books, photo copy, expense of internet, phone and electricity and other miscellanious stuff.

how many students amortise the cost in 2-4 years. count on it

dtytrivedi said...

ok when u speak of glister Mr. shyam, what do compare that with the other products which are available in the market

dtytrivedi said...

people who are my customers, are still our customers, we just give them discount say 5-10% for the loyalthy purpose. however in long term there are possible chances that i they consume more of amway products say more than Rs 4000 than we suggest them.

dtytrivedi said...

and one more thing shyam, its 20% discount and not 20% commision as u mentioned that in your post

dtytrivedi said...

don't judge amway products as conventional products. many of them are concentrated.

for e.g. LOC (liquid organic cleaner) multi-purpose versus any other product floor mopping product or any home care stuff.

u will compare the price first (and i give quality second rank for the importance)

The loc liquid is Rs 225 against other product which are available at 20-30 Rs.

what will u conclude if i give u this information.