Saturday, 26 September 2009

What is your monthly earnings Trivedi?

It is really not surprising to learn that it took six months for our youngman Trivedi to understand the business model of Amway. For any layman it takes a fraction of second to learn that it is outright cheating and mathematically impossible to continue in that business. But for Trivedi it took six months to understand and as many months to stop business and stick to only use of products.
Trivedi is yet to explain without 6-4-3 plan, how anybody make business in Amway India. And as everyone is interested in making lot of money, where do they find so many to join the scheme. Be truthful, I am asking you once again. What is your monthly earnings? What is the cost of your monthly purchasings? Generally I have met many Amway adherents. They simply lie when they are asked about the exact amount of earnings. Let us be frank and stick to truth and just tell me truth. How Much You Earn?
Go to old posts and read about Nirmala case.


dtytrivedi said...

i understood the plan well, although it took me 6 months but i am quite sure that i know amway business plan very well.

It is indeed very surprising for me to find that stuff which took fraction of minutes to learn doesn't know what is 6 percenter. well i am not playing any gimmicks, i am sorry to say that if u don't know what is 6 percenter how can u say that u know business plan very well. to know at what level i am in it important to know the levels.

In amway we don't ask what is ur income we ask what level u are qualified.

so if u qualify me before learn sir how to qualify people.

You should know shyam, common sir don't make me feel that u are bluffing about sales and marketing plan.

Well let me ask you one thing.
what is difference in a turnover between a person who is qualified at 6 percenter and the person at 15 percenter.

I have made even simple for you. If u know that what level i am qualified u can easily get idea of what is business turnover and around what i would be earning around.

Adarsh said...

Trivedi, my darling, I don't know what your level or what your income is. Frankly, I don't care!! But I know that your educational level is pretty poor. Man, did you even attend school. Surely there are some good institutes in India that teach you how to write english man!! If I were you, I would be attending one of them. Is it just you, or is every one of your fellow cult followers uneducated blabbering fools?? Get a life man!!

dtytrivedi said...

Adarsh are we here to check out who's grammar is right or wrong. you are in wrong blog mate, what the problem with u tell me. Is it my grammar or my comment

Adarsh said...

My problem Trivedi, is that you are not making educated decisions. You are backing an unethical company. If you are making lots of money, by trampling on others, and you think it is O.K, that is not very ethical is it. The way I see it, if you had a good education, they would have taught you some morals. I am not going to read you the whole Morals book. But just some quotes.
Chapter 1. Section1. Don't cheat others and make shit loads of money. And then don't pose like you are good people making an honest living!!
You are like Bernie Madoff on a smaller scale man!! Good luck with your money making though!! Bankrupt the bloody country. Stupid, poor Indians don't deserve that money anyway!!

dtytrivedi said...

Ohhh my god amway india is the company which u are considering most unethical in india i suppose.

Hey i have thing for u, go to the link which i am posting regarding amway sales and marketing plan, and try to find fault in that plan and show me where trap lure in the company

And one more thing i am showing u my blog, have alook and please feel free to share your views the reality in the specific posts.

I am not trying to prove wrong i am trying to focus on the issue, if i am wrong fair enough i will accept it....

there you will all the posts with some sort of evidences

dtytrivedi said...

If u can i share u the list of companies who are charged in million dollars, i repeat adarsh million dollars not just 1 lakh (which amway was charged) and most of people are using their products in india.

dtytrivedi said...

Adarsh please find the fault where people are making loads of money and other people are making nothing compared to that