Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Trivedi is bleating the same fairy-tale

It's extraordinary when you are confronted by an unquestioning 'Amway' adherent like Trivedi.
Sadly, when the Assistant Attorney General of Wisconsin, Bruce Craig, examined the accounts of a flock of 20,000 little American Trivedis, he discovered that they'd also been conditioned to bleat the same mystifying fairy-tale in order to recruit. The most pathetic were the so-called 'Direct Distributors' who (with 50-100 recruits already beneath them) had swaggered about at the 'Amway' seminars in Wisconsin, exactly copying their 'Millionaire Amway Diamond' role-models (with thousands of recruits beneath them), intoxicated by their certain belief that they were nearing the 'Amway' promised land ('Total Financial Freedom').
These demonstrably deluded individuals were, in fact, working their tails off to maintain their 'groups,' but losing on average $1000 per year and only lining the pockets of their grinning masters . They were de facto slaves. The ego-inflating title , 'Independent Business Owner,' was a complete inversion of quantifiable reality.
Again, it is an absolute certainty that your naive young friend, Trivedi, will never have been given access to the audited accounts of anyone above him in the 'Amway' pyramid.
So what makes Trivedi so certain that he knows what 's really going on behind all the thought-stopping, comic-book images of flashy cars and clean-cut smiling couples ?
Could it possibly be that Trivedi has been conditioned to believe that only people who 'Duplicate the 100% 'Positive Amway Plan' and obey their 'Millionaire Amway Network Leaders' without question, will succeed ?
This form of one-way belief system, is technically known as a totalistic thought reform program a.k.a. closed-logic brain-washing. It is a particularly cruel method of getting 'Amway' victims to blame themselves when they lose their shirts, thus, preventing them from complaining.
We should all thank Trivedi for demonstrating to your readers how effective cultic mind control techniques can be.
David Brear

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dtytrivedi said...

hey if u want any other people who were succesful in amway in past and they are now suffering and making loss, do let me know i have also 3-4 stories such like that....