Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Just read AP High Court judgement to learn facts

Are we talking a different issue? I have been under the impression that we are discussing about the dubious ways of Amway India in hoodwinking the gullible and lining its own pockets through closed market swindle. When you don't have any substance, you just beat around the bush. That is exactly what you are doing. My sincere advice is just read the High Court judgement to understand how Amway India is cheating people.
When a sane person interfers and advises you to be sensible and throw out crooks like Amway, you accuse me of taking help of others.
You refuse to answer my straight questions. I have even asked you how much money you are earning being an IBO.
Yes. I have attended one seminar of Amway India way back in 1998 and my wife immediately warned that it was a racket. Luring others to join the scheme to become overnight rich is an offence in India. I do not know which country now you are in. Do you have any idea how many people lost money in Amway business model. There are several thousands of people who refuse even to acknowledge the losses they have suffered fearing people would laugh at them. That is how these fraudulent companies have been thriving.


dtytrivedi said...

u are talking as if that in amway only people have lost of money. Hello its a business,i have also figures that how people have lost their money in stock market in 2008, and now i am confident that u need to rethink what u are saying.

Amway india in 1998 launched with 6 products, and now it is having more than 110 products.

Any ways u didn't answer my question which was according to ur knowledge what amount does a distributor has to pay to get license..

And by the way there is huge difference in amway in 1998 and amway in 2009.

Amway first didn't had eductaion system, very less distribution centres, and few or no product meetings.

Thats ok and i respect ur wife's anger agianst that, but at that time the situation was just like that. it was the concept first entered in india and many liked and many didn't and many have lost their money because they didn't know how it works. Infact its completely different from the traditional way of distribution system.

Did u know that amway is planning to convert its 54 distribution centres to experience centres in order to give the consumers first hand experience. If a company is dubious it would do that. tell me any of these companies which u mentioned did such thing!!!

And finall las t thing in this 19th septemeber news about amway will be given in india today magazine!!!

I think if u have attended the meeting then u should know the answer its damn easy for a person to get an idea for that. Besides this in our business we don't ask each distributors that how much they are earning.

generally speaking, a person who knows pin recognition and sales and marketing plan can easily get an idea that between which range does he or she earns on the base of his current pin. I am 6 percenter. If u know much about amway its damn easy.

I have also shown u AP judgement, moreover the case is still pending in case supreme court.

I have seen the link which u have shown, but i have shown it to u the links of AP judgement.

The best way if u want the proof then attend the open meeting of it. I am damn sure if u have attend that u will see the difference.

dtytrivedi said...

And if u are saying that i am beating around the bush then what was that email of some other guy. i just replied to ur blog!!! did i say anything wrong!!!

And by the way if possible can u please give me any other links than that website showing that amway is illegal. I am not doubting u but if u show me i can discuss that with company officials.

And in case if u want more anwsers about ur queries, i can give numbers of some senior officials of amway. So that every thing gets cleared once and for alll.

dtytrivedi said...

Dear shyam in case if u don't believe in IDSA then let me tell u that Amway India is also a member of the Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) and Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce (FICCI)

dtytrivedi said...

now tell me one company other than amway who are affiliated with these group