Thursday, 10 September 2009

Let us not allow these fraudsters make fast buck

My fellow countrymen,
Following is the list of companies against whom criminal cases are pending in various judicial courts across the country. All these companies have already duped people up to several thousands of crores of rupees and many of them are still doing business in spite of the pending criminal cases. If you are really patriotic and love for your country, do not allow these fraudulent companies to loot our people and make fast buck. These companies are becoming overnight rich with the lure of getting you quick rich which is nothing but a mirage. ONLY these companies make money leaving you high and dry. My fight is against all these fraudsters. Still, I wrote mostly against Amway because it is the mother of all scams. All other companies are simply moving in Amway's footsteps.
My humble pray is let us not allow these scamsters loot our countrymen. Very few of these companies are multi-national. Most of them are indigenous companies out to line their own pockets playing with the weakness of our people. Not only these companies are making money overnight but also ruining the social relations and damaging the social fabric of our society. People who joined in the schemes of these companies never again trust their relatives and friends who made them join such schemes. That is how the social fabric is affected. Try to understand my anguish.

1. Alekya Marketing Yellow Pages
2. Amway India
3. ALGI Network Marketing
4. Bajaj Capital
5. Chain System Schemes
6. Devi Networks Business System Management
7. Dew Soft
8. Diamond Sahaya Schemes
10. Gold Quest International (Now almost Extinct)
11. Golden Choice Network Business
12. Golden Jubli Marketing Pvt. Ltd
13. Happy Life Marketing
14. Japan Life (Now Extinct)
15. Lucky draw
16. Maruthi Motors
17. MHM Marketing Pvt Ltd
18. Mickway Finance Company Ltd
19. Mihira Net Pvt Ltd.
20. Mithra Chits
21. P.A.C.L. (Pearls)
22. Prathyusha Motors
23. Prem Shiva Lucky Scheme
24. Raga Sindhuja Enterprises
25. Ray Ready Made shirts
26. Sri Ramanjaneya Lucky Bumper Scheme
27. Sridevi Enterprises
28. Suraj Holiday resorts and townships
29. Synergy Shopping Pvt. Ltd.
30. Varasiddi Vinayaka Managements
31. V-Can Network
32. Venkateswara Motors
33. Vigneswara Motors

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dtytrivedi said...

I was about to mention this companies, but its very nice of u that u have mentioned these companies.

first of all u say that all these companies u mentioned are following the footsteps of Amway.

I want make a very good point here, pls take it open way. did u know that all the companies u mentioned except Amway all are not legal mlm or direct selling companies!!!

the main problem is that he provisions of the Prize Chits & Money Circulation Schemes (Banning) Act, 1978 is not able to differentiate which are legitimate or not. WFDSA org. is the body which is capable to identify the legal direct selling companies and mlm companies in the world.

You can go its website where u will get information about what is direct selling and what is pyramid scheme.

When u say that mlm companies are illegal u mean to say that global $107 billion dollar industry is just there and still it is there to swindle people's money!!!

Go to this site for more information if u feel i am bluffing