Saturday, 26 September 2009

Probe into this racketeering is need of the hour

Your naive, young friend, Trivedi, probably doesn't know that after 35 years of 'Amway' operating in the UK, only one so-called 'Diamond Distributorship' existed last year. This is according to 'Amway UKs' own figures. These figures also reveal that at least one million annual contracts have been signed with the company since 1973, yet only approximately 5000 contractees were declared last October.
So what has happened to all these budding, British 'Amway' captains?
Sadly, every single one of them has lost money and abandoned their sinking 'Amway-' designed ships .
Tellingly, no one in the 'Amway' mob disputes any of these shocking facts.
The most high-profile British 'Amway Diamond' was 'Jerry Scriven' - a man once styled in 'Amway' propaganda as a shining example of 'Amway' success and intregrity. Despite Scriven operating the parallel advanced fee fraud for his boss, Dexter Yager, for more than 25 years without the slightest objection from the corporate officers of 'Amway UK' or those of the 'UK DSA', as soon as a UK government enquiry was launched, he was thrown out of 'Amway.'
Scriven now runs his own website with his wife, Mandy, on which they squawk unendingly about how badly they were treated by 'Amway'.
In reality, Scriven (and a British criminal associate, Pat Gregory), was responsible for stealing hundreds of millions of pounds from UK citizens using a company known as 'International Business Systems.' He peddled books, recordings and tickets to meetings on the pretext that these contained exclusive secrets to achieve success in 'Amway.' Scriven passed the bulk of this stolen cash to Dexter Yager in the USA.
So far, these racketeers have avoided rigorous investigation.

David Brear


dtytrivedi said...
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dtytrivedi said...

hey is it logical that u always judge the business according to its performance in UK, take china, take US, take Korea, take japan, take india.

see do u think that any corporation which is spread more than 90 countries is successfuly working all the countries and territories.

And incase if u are judging business according number of diamonds then here is some of the list of amway distributors

riple Diamond
Harbhajan Singh & Mohinder Braich 2007

Double Diamond
Nair, Bindu & Sajeev

Executive Diamond
Rajvir & Kusum Singh - 2008
Rashmi & Sushil Pachnanda
Shuddhatm Prakash & Sandhya Bharill - 2007

Founders Diamond

Ritu & Ashutosh Rastogi
Sanchita & Abhijit Chakrabarty
Prem & Geeta Pillay - 2008
Paulraj & Sagayamary Paulraj - 2008
Ravi & Ila Jain


Ajitpal Singh & Randhir Kaur
Amit & Arti Sondhi
Anurag & Nidhi Aggarwal
Anil & Bindu Narang
Ashok & Sreeti Reddy
Bhupinder Jeet Singh & Harpreet Kaur
Jagjit Singh & Surinder Kaur Malhotra
Jeevan & Dr. Madhubala
Jyothi Bakshi & Gursharann Siingh
Kumar Shiva Ramakrishnan & Anjali Kumar
Manoj Kumar N. & Letha Manoj
M, Sundaravadivel & S, Renuga devi
Mukesh & Kokila Patel
Naresh & Neelam Bhardwaj
Neila & Sameer Kakodkar
Nitish Dixit
Parimala & Hari Kumar - 2007
Rajpal Singh & Navjot Kaur Bawa
Raja Naren
Rajan & Prabha Warrier - 2007
Ravi Prakash & Manjusha
Rina & Debapi Roy
Sanjay & Saroj Shelar
Staffan Ohlson
Sunny Sarabjeet Sehgal
Surjit & Surinder Waraich
Vinita & Narendra Pratap Singh - 2008
Davinderjit & M. P. Singh Sandhu
Arun & Pragna Pathak
M Manickavasagam & Neela M - 2008
Satinder Pal Singh & Parminder Kaur Taggar - 2008
Kamal & Shashi Dhingra
Vinod N Kumar & Rajalekshmi J
Sandeep & Shailja Mitt
Antony Varghese C & Nirmala Mar
Madhvi & Shekhar Choudhary
Dr S S Manjunath & Dr V K Geeth
Dushyant Kumar & Sudha Chaudhary
A Vijaya & S Alagesan
Harish Kumar & Hema Nagar - 2008
Dinesh & Deepika Shringarpure - 2009

Tex said...

David, now you're on target. The issue that cycles people through and causes them to lose money isn't the Amway side, it's the tool scam side.

Unknown said...

Please read the book "Who stole American Dream" by Burke Hedges before commenting about Amway as a scam. Its my friendly advice.
Thank you.

Mark Bellinger said...

For the record, I was in Amway and I was part of the Scriven/Gregory downline. I decided not to build an Amway business in the end, but for a fact, without the growth, learning and vision I gained from purchases I made from the (IBS) International Business Systems training I would not have the success I enjoy today.
Mark Bellinger - Entrepreneur