Saturday, 12 September 2009

Rely on facts, only facts nothing but facts my friend

Our friend wants authentic information about High Court. What my friend does not know is that judgements are not rewritten by anybody. Just they are produced verbatism. In case he wants to read from the law books, he refer 2007 (4) ALT 808 (D.B.) and read the full text of the High Court judgement. Read and enjoy who the judges analysed the affidavit submitted by Amway India and came to conclusion.
I don't give newspaper clippings that contains press statements. I rely on facts nothing but facts. I hope everyone relies on facts only.
Mr Trivedi wonders how Amway India is still doing business in India after the High Court held its business model is illegal. Being an Indian he must know well how things work in his home country. Amway India is still doing business in the country because of lethargic and corrupt bureaucracy and slow judicial process.


dtytrivedi said...

well i really love to enjoy to have a conversation with u. U say that rely on facts, only facts nothing but facts my friend.

then till now what did i shared with u.!!!!

I also shown that there 200-300 illegal scam companies working in india as mlm companies. And who got this information the government no my friend absolutely no, its IDSA part of WFDSA have found it. I tell u something that in the world there are only 199 legal direct selling companies.

However, this does not mean that case cannot be filed against them, incase if they did stuff which is not right in the eyes of law they should be penalised. However, this doesnot mean that they should be banned, if it is so then i can couple of examples in their respective fields who have been fined heavily for their wrong doing.

Recently i tild regarding pfizer case.

the point which i want to make u clear is that there is different between direct selling companies and illegal pyramid companies.

Our government doesnt idenfity what is direct selling and what is pyramid scheme. And think that both are synonymus !!

what is pyramid? pls go this link

what is direct selling? go to this link

dtytrivedi said...

You mean that Newspaper doesnot provide u facts or in otherwords real facts are not shown in newspapers !!!!