Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Long march to 'Total Financial Freedom'

It is crystal clear that Youngman Trivedi could not complete one leg. That means he is far away from achieving 'Total Financial Freedom in 2-5 years'. He could not find at least six persons to complete the first stage of 6-4-3. LOL. Anyway it is a long march to complete two or three years in continuing in Amway business to finally learn that he is continually incurring losses all these years.


dtytrivedi said...

hey what if get that in 5 yrs or at 10yrs or 15 yrs.

the good point is i am getting something extra then what i am doing job. the point is that is not my mainstream income, but it has potential to replace the my main stream income in near future.

mr. shyam we don't say that forget the job, leave what are u doing. start it with part time.

Mr patelia who is among the recent diamonds in india he is still government employee.

i think u should ask him how did tried to sell glister.

many people say that there are other toothpastes available at low cost and thats rite.

but in his case he started business when a he was mechanical engineer 7 to 8 yrs back in small village named santrampur in gujarat. when he told the people about the toothpaste, people use to tell that they use tree leaves and stick of trees which we call it daatun which cost around 2 to 3 Rs.

Now in that place he started this business and here is the result he diamond level in 7 to 8 yrs and he is still government employee.

Now u must be thinking that he must be doing some organised crime to sell this stuff or he must be having big gang.

But he knew how to show the usefulness of the products like glister to the village people through live demos. Now his business is spread to big cities of india.

and to be precise his not having 6-4-3 business structure.

now convert this into scam shyam

Joecool said...

If you have trouble sponsoring new IBOs, you will never reach platinum.

Tex said...

If he just got started, why are you being so critical? If he's not being victimized by the tool scam, and those in his group are not either, why are you being so critical?