Monday, 28 September 2009

Losesome game in the name of good business opportunity by Amway

Finally the cat is out of bag. But youngman Trivedi is yet to reveal how much he is investing every month to purchase products. Anyway he must be incurring loss of several hundreds if not a thousand rupees.
Here is an important part of Andhra Pradesh High Court judgment. Just read it.
"To qualify for earning commission a member has to earn the minimum monthly PV of 50 which he will get by selling products worth Rs.2,000/-. Respondent No.6 in para-11(c) of his counter affidavit specifically pleaded that “Amway” (First petitioner) would automatically get a business of the quantum of Rs.1080/- crores (4,50,000 x 2,000 x 12(months) ) per annum which would yield an astronomical profit and it cannot but be stated as “easy/quick money” without any service to the distributors/members irrespective of whether they sell the products or not, though the company may conveniently refer it as “turnover by sale of products”. Significantly, this assertion made in the counter affidavit is not denied in the rejoinder of the petitioners i.e. Amway India."
So every members has to purchase a minimum of Rs. 2000 every month to claim commission. And the members would make money if they can sell all the products for a profit at the rate of 20%. To sell these products, as claimed by our youngman, the member has to make phone calls, pay home visits to the houses of friends and relatives. If the costs of work is deleted the member would be the loser at the end of the day. These members would never realise that there is inherently fault in the business model of Amway but feel that it is their fault for failing in the business.
My fellow Indians and people all over world. Realise the real intention of crooks like Amway.


dtytrivedi said...

look if i get the same products which i am buying from outside in Amway, why should buy.

and i tell u haven't seen great value products which have been launched by Amway India where the other range of the products are available at low cost.

my friend is still stucjed in 1998 where there were only 6 products were available, the fact is about 110 products are available in india including insurance

dtytrivedi said...

and no matter how much i share with u evidence, u will post what ever u like.

go this link. listen to all shyam supporters please read this, because when i showed this evidence, he said that those were just press statements.