Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Amway press statements are not lacunae in the enactment my friend

What a wonderful information our friend Mr Trivedi provided to 'enlighten' the public. It is pity that he is not aware that all these are only press statements issued by the thieves who have been looting my country for over a decade. And he claims that all these press statements are 'the' proofs. We can understand the innocence of such apologists if it is so. He did not know the difference between press statements and actual lacunae in the enactment. It is like pickpockets forming an association and demanding rights to pick the pockets.
It has been public knowledge that IDSA has been demanding a legislation to legitimise the multilevel marketing and the government was not heeding to the demand. It is anybody's guess why the government was not heeding to the demand. The Government of India knew well that it would be like opening gates to the thieves to loot the country further.
Mr Trivedi did not say a single word about the shortcomings in the enactment. In fact, the Amway India has already submitted a draft legislation to that extent to the Indian Government. So far there is no reaction from the government and there might not be in near future. Because the Government knew well what would happen if it is legislated.
Funnily, Mr Trivedi came out with the authenticity of its products. It seems that he is not aware that a Consumer Forum in Andhra Pradesh has imposed a fine of Rs. 1 lakh for selling adulterated, overpriced products which includes Nutrilite.
Not surprisngly, our friend Mr Trivedi is silent over his income as an Independent Business Owner. It is better he is silent instead of coming out with outright lies.


dtytrivedi said...

ooohh I didn't knew that you would not even bother to remind me. Well my mother and Have been using the products for 3-4 yrs, we became distributors for the purpose of the product use. mean while I was abroad and did higher studies over there.

Now I am waiting for ur further reaction, and I know what is ur further reaction.

dtytrivedi said...

I am seriouslly depressed by the way u are taking the things. Throughout our conversation I was focusing on the issue but I think you are having personal problems with Amway. I can't help it for that.

And after showing this much evidence that direct selling legislation is there in US, Singapore, Mexico, Thailand and China. Still u are thinking that Amway is making such statement that it is Amway only.

Ok tell how many legal direct selling companies are there in India. I am very much excited to know how much advanced out government law is to make difference between legal direct selling and pyramid schemes.

And mistakes do happen, if u don't believe that then take this
and prove it wrong

And also it is the most trusted brand in Asia for the vitmains and supplements According to Reader's digest. try to prove them wrong!!!!!

Prove this wrong http://dtytrivedi.blogspot.com/2009/09/amway-is-legal-and-ethical-company-ap.html

And yeah do defend this guy D.jack smith a layer who has specialised in mlm.http://dtytrivedi.blogspot.com/2009/07/d-jack-smith-celebrates-his-success-on.html
please try to prove him wrong.