Thursday, 1 October 2009

Arrogant Amway storm-trooper pouncing

As you and I well know, the self-appointed sovereign leaders of deceptive totalitarian movements, like 'Amway,' continue to avoid being held to account, because the majority of persons fooled by them cannot admit to the world that they were wrong. Courageous 'Amway' whistle-blowers, like former 'Emerald,' Eric Scheibeler, are very rare.
Having read the recent, typically puerile and abusive comment left on your blog by Scott Johnson (a.k.a. 'Tex'): What on Earth is this arrogant 'Amway' storm-trooper now trying to convey? Does he finally accept (in his own humourless fashion) that the whole 'Amway' organization (not just all its allied so-called 'Motivational Organizations'), to which he has remained so faithful for so long, is actually a ridiculous, but nonetheless pernicious, lie?
My e-mail address, and even my telephone number (like my given name), have never been a secret. Mr. Johnson, in the guise of 'Tex,' has previously tried to engage me in conversation by e-mail. Interestingly, he's never had the balls to call me, but then, as a long-time 'Amway' adherent, he probably can't afford to.
Given Mr. johnson's vitriolic track record, in all honesty, I can't say that I welcome the prospect of hearing from him.
We will only know for certain that your naive young friend, Trivedi, and Mr. Johnson have come fully out of their self-gratifying 'Amway' group-delusion when they can freely laugh at themselves.
David Brear

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dtytrivedi said...

hey why are u pulling me into this, never abused you.

And u know well that i have always tried to focus on the issue and not the person.