Tuesday, 6 October 2009

90% Amway adherents unable to retail its outrageously priced products

What more can one say?
Our smug Mr. (IBOFB) Steadson continues seriously to expect your readers to accept the fact that more than 90% of 'Amway' commission agencies in the UK were completely unable to retail 'Amway's' outrageously over-priced products is the proof that these products were easy to retail ?
We must never lose sight of the fact that this childish drivel is coming from an immature young fellow who finds it necessary to hide his true identity behind various, impressive made-up names and to post a photograph of himself dressed in the guise of a masked, comic-book, avenging hero.
His latest Narcissistic fantasy that I must be the NPD suffererer under psychiatric care, is a 'baiting' tactic worthy of a 'Scientologist.'
Does this mean that Steadson is now claiming that the Indian Judges (who essentially agree with me) are mentally ill?
As Steadson is fully-aware, I have posted the 9 (current) diagnostic criteria of NPD on the Net in a series of articles about 'Amway.' Like the authors of the 'Amway' myth, whom he represents, Steadson quite obviously exhibits many (if not all) of these criteria.
David Brear

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Tex said...

You are NOT taking into consideration the UK price reductions or rule changes that require retail prior to sponsoring others.