Sunday, 18 October 2009

Once again Tex asks the same old question

This Tex fellow is either a funny guy or a nitwit. It has been mentioned several times that the criminal case is pending against Amway India and the crooks are trying their best to prolong the trial. Still, he asks why Amway is continuing in India. That is my point which I raised in the Hon'ble High Court of Andhra Pradesh filing a writ of mandamus. It is posted for 19-10-2009. I hope it would come up for hearing.
In the High Court also the crooks are trying to prolong the case. To be precise, the counsel of Amway India is yet to file his answer and dragging his feet.
Meanwhile, it is learnt that a batch of petitions are being prepared by six Amway distributors to be filed in the Andhra Pradesh High Court. It would be interesting and hope that the issue would be taken to its logical conclusion if Amway distributors are included in the case.


Tex said...

You are the nitwit. You keep repeating Amway has been found guilty, yet they continue to operate in India. Either they haven't been found guilty or are on appeal. Make up your mind, and instead of you and Brear taking several paragraphs to say something in one or two sentences, use one or two sentences, and stop the excessive adjectives and adverbs. It makes you look like idiots....of course, that may be your goal! LOL

Legal Scan said...

An idiot likes the word 'IDIOT' and calls everyone idiot. One thing is clear. This Tex fellow could not understand more than one or two sentences. It is evident now who is nitwit. Anybody who could not make out what is written in the judgement, has no right to comment or even talk about it.

Tex said...

Legal Scan,

So which is it? Why do Shyam and Brear declare Amway guilty, then provide active court documents with future court dates? ATFQ