Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Look at Amway India's criminal case in a nutshell

The ongoing discussion for the last one month shows that Amway apologists not only refuse to see the reason, but reject the truth.
Let us have a look at the whole picture. Andhra Pradesh Criminal Investigation Department Police (CID) raided the godowns and the distributing points of Amway India and filed a First Information Report. Then the Amway India in a preemptive strike, filed a writ petition in the Andhra Pradesh High Court appealing to the court to declare its business model as legal and to restrain the police from investigating into the activities of Amway. During this period, a public interest litigation was also filed against Amway India by an aggrieved person.
The Andhra Pradesh High Court after taking all the writs on its file, heard the lengthy arguments by all the parties and concluded that the business model of Amway India is illegal.
Then the Amway India preferred a special leave petition (SLP) in the Supreme Court of India which after hearing at length the arguments dismissed the SLP stating that there is no merit in it and ordered the CID police to complete the investigation in six months.
Subsequently, the CID completed the investigation and filed the chargesheet in the Court of the Chief Metropolitan Magistrate, Nampally, Hyderabad. This is the story in brief.
Now the trial has commenced in the Namaplly court but the accused have been evading their presence in the court for the smooth conduct of the trial. The Magistrated got angry with the accused and ordered that they should present for the next hearing without fail on Novemer 12, 2009.

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Tex said...

Is Amway intentionally evading the court, or do they have the right to do discovery, make various motions, appeals, etc., all within their rights under the India legal system, which appears to be quite similar to the U.S.?