Saturday, 17 October 2009

What a pointless debate!

Steadson is so predictable.
I have now received several (tongue in cheek) e-mails informing me that the clot, Steadson, is not disguised as 'Zorro' and that he hides behind the name of yet another, masked comic-book hero on the net, but who strongly resembles 'Zorro.'
I have to say: What a pointless debate!
Although, I was fully-aware of Steadson's dreadful piratical pretensions, I stand by my statement.
The original masked-hero who was first portrayed in 20th century American comic books disguised from head to foot in black including leather boots and a silken scarf (with eye-holes), is 'Zorro. '
Strangely, the two identically-clad fictional characters who feature in this pointless debate are also both gay icons. Indeed, 'Zorro' s alter-ego 'Don Diego' was famously played in an outrageously camp way by another gay icon, Tyrone Power, in the 1940s. The joke in Hollywood at the time was that 'Zorro' was tough guy pretending be weak, played by a weak guy pretending to be tough.
As this is the perfect description of Mr. Steadson, he will always be 'Zorro' to me..
David Brear

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Tex said...

And you will always be a yellow bellied, spineless, gutless coward to me.