Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Learn what ex-factory price is, Trivedi

Trivedi exhibited his ignorance once again. He does not know what ex-factory price is. If he does not know the information he should obtain it from his Amway mentors. There are one hundred and one ways to learn. Ok. I will tell him. Ex-factory price is the price on which the company pays taxes to the Government. It is easy to find it out and Trivedi could learn the same with a little effort.
I have amply made it clear that I am not interested to be part of an illegal company. Secondly, I am not interested to purchase products at an exorbitant price. Thirdly, I am not interested to make my friends and relatives part of an illegal money circulation scheme.
But I am interested to tell the whole world that Amway India is a bogus company out to cheat people and loot their money. If you are honest you would realise soon and join me to pronounce the same to whole world.


dtytrivedi said...

well its ur blog u can portrait any person the way u want.

whether its company or person.

U didn't answered my simple question what makes u think that glister is nothing but same as other brands.

Are u just seeing price tag and putting your reviews on the base of that!!!!

Mann whatever u say i have the report which states that glister is among top multinational companies that dominates in toothpaste category and thats a valid source not like blog or any website made by an individual or opinions of others.

My friend answer the question. thats clear in all the posts that u know quite a lot about amway and also its products too.

but i doubt that u know only their price and nothing else.....

In case if u want cheaper things like "daatun" available around Rs 5 u can use it.

knowing the price of the product does not mean knowing the product itself.

dtytrivedi said...

so next time when u post in ur blog, do little analysis by yourself atleast in this case in regards to glister.

you talking as if mr advocate shyam only knows the ex price of amway. No other people in 90 countries knew about it. give me break

pls sir recheck ur information regarding exfactory price i talked to one of my trusted souce through amway officials thats completly false statement

Joecool said...

Glister costs twice as much as Colgate or Crest and there is no unbiased evidence that it performs better,

Tex said...

Tell us how you found out the ex-factory price.

Tex said...

Glister 6.75 oz is $3.39. How much are the others?

Joecool said...

Glister 3.39 is not retail price.