Sunday, 18 October 2009

AP State Food Laboratory, Hyd blasts the myth of Amway product quality

The Food Supplements and dietary Supplements of Amway were proved as “Mis-Branded or Adulterated. The analysis reports of State Food Laboratory, Nacharam, Hyderabad, A.P.
The Following Nutrilite Products of Amway were analysed and opined by the State Food Laboratory, Nacharam, Hyderabad that these products are found as “Misbranded” and/or “Adulterated”.
1. Nutrilite Iron-Folic :: Misbranded
2. Nutrilite Natural B :: Misbranded
3. Nutrilite Salmon Omega-3 :: Misbranded
4. Nutrilite Triple guard Echinacea :: Misbranded
5. Nutrilite Bone Healthh with Iprflavone :: Misbranded
6. Nutrilite Glucosamine HCI with Boswellia :: Misbranded
7. Nutrilite Siberian Ginseng with Ginkgo Biloba :: Misbranded
8. Nutrilite Cal mag :: Misbranded
9. Nutrilite Praselenium E :: Misbranded
10. Nutrilite Iron-Folic :: Misbranded
11. Nutrilite Natural B :: Misbranded
12. Nutrine Protine powder :: Adulterated
13. Amway Madrid Safed Musli Apple :: Adulterated
The report from the State Food Laboratory was obtained under the Right To Information Act.


IBOFB said...

If you have the report, please post it. At the very least you need to explain what "misbranded" and "adulterated" means in the context of the report.

rocket said...


If you have actual proof that Amway is profitable in North America, please post it.

At the very least you need to explain what profitable means in the context of profits and losses.

Otherwise, all we have to go on is common sense and experience.

That won't help your cause, whatever it may be.....

dtytrivedi said...

I think the company won't giver information according to market wise, however it can be said that overall it is profitable.

And US is among top five billion dollar market. so on the basis of that we can say that US is profitable but one of the most competitive market for Amway.

rocket said...

The information is not available, yet you can say that it's profitable overall. You are an IBO for sure.

What do you mean by the US is among the top 5 billion dollar market? Amway in the US makes 5 billion?

How can you say any of this?

None of it can be validated.

Tex said...

Amway makes money, the LCKs make Amway plus tool scam money, about 99% of IBOs make Amway money and it is then routed to the LCKs to fund the tool scam, so they lose money.

U.S. volume is less than $1 billion/year, or they wouldn't have withheld the numbers last year, for the first time ever in 50 years.

rocket said...

Which, if true Tex, lends credence to my suspicion that Amway in North America is dying.

In my opinion, this is due to the devastating reputation online, which leads to fewer recruits, thus fewer products being sold.

On the positive side, fewer profits for pigs at the trough such as Dexter Yager.

Tex said...

Which part are you questioning is true?

Amway and their tool scam are severely weakened in the U.S., and now is the time to put them out of their misery, by launching a full-scale online assault. It's not just Yager, it's all of the Emeralds and above that he and other LCKs must pay off, or else they will go off and start their own tool scam, and then he would totally lose that profit. Of course, it happens to a certain level even with the payoffs, as the newly crowned "kingpins" think they can do even better than what Yager and the other major KINGPINS decide to share.

rocket said...

The part about the US volume being less than 1 B. I'm not disagreeing with you.

I just found dtytrivedi's 5 B claim a little over the top.

Too bad Amway isn't transparent enough to clear it up....

rocket said...

By the way David Steadson/IBOFB

You don't seem to share courtesy of opposing views on your blog, as this blog owner does.

Not surprising, but very telling.........

Obviously you aren't feeling very confident in your position.

IBOFB said...

opposing views are allowed on my blog. I simply don't allow trolls who post the same thing over and over even when it's been discredited many times. Such trolls are clearly not interested in debate. I also will not post abusive or fake posts.

Fortunately I receive very few of these types of posts.

With regard the AP State Food lab report, from the link Shyam posted the small parts that are readable indicate the "misbranded" claims had nothing at all to do with "quality" but were to do with different definitions used by different states on what something should be called.

Tex said...

Comparing 5 B to less than 1 B is just a little over the top? It's in outer space! Although I have to say I don't know what he is referring to, either, as his post is very unclear.

ibofb will allow you on his site as long as you don't bring up those pesky tool scam facts.

dtytrivedi said...
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dtytrivedi said...

dear rocket and Tex

what i mean to say that US among top 5 market which has sales over a $1 billion

the other four are Russia, South Korea,japan and china

Tex said...


I very much doubt the U.S. did $1 Billion last year. It was the first time in 50 years when no North American volume was reported, and even Doug DeVos said it was "challenging" or some other corporate spin word for collapse.

dtytrivedi said...

I think the reason why he didn't disclosed because stagnant sale volumes in last 6 years....

Shyam Sundar said...

Great. Finally Trivedi agreed that there has been stagnant of sales volume for the last six years. LoL

dtytrivedi said...

hello shyam i am talking about Us market.

Tex said...

The U.S. has been stagnant for several years, it was reported as just over $1 billion for several years, but NOT announced last year, making it HIGHLY likely it is now well below $1 bllion, coupled with Doug DeVos clearly stating volume has been "challenging", which is corporate speak for decreased volume. Why you keep debating this is beyond me.

dtytrivedi said...
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