Monday, 5 October 2009

Amway is an illegal money game camouflaged by products

I'm sure your readers have noticed that our smug Mr. ('IBOFB') Steadson uses a classic, mind-scrambling propaganda technique where (in his provocative comments) he first alters the clear and logical nature of what you and I have posted, then, using his group's own twisted logic, arrives at fantastic, sweeping conclusions which appear to prove his billionaire bosses' indefensible case.
Thus, when faced with the irrefutable fact that more than 90% of UK participants in 'Amway' were discovered not to be attempting to retail 'Amway' s' (effectively) unsaleable products, Steadson manages to use this damning evidence to arrive at the fantastic, sweeping conclusion that it proves that 'Amway' participants are taught to retail products.
Thus, when faced with the irrefutable fact that all active levels of the 'Amway' pyramid are (effectively) being coerced into recruiting 6 more participants, who will then recruit 6 more participants, etc. etc. ad infinitum, in the false belief that consuming and recruiting is the 'Proven Plan to Achieve Total Financial Freedom,' Steadson manages to use this damning evidence to arrive at the fantastic, sweeping conclusion that it proves 'Amway' is not an illegal money game camouflaged by products.
You rightly pose the question, Shyam:
Is Steadson a dim-wit or is he a crook ?
There is a third possibility:
Is Steadson a severe and inflexible Narcissistic Personality Disorder sufferer ?
For, according to his own twisted-logic, even though we don't tell childish lies for billionaire racketeers, you and I are the dim-wits and crooks.
David Brear


Tex said...

UK ABOs are now REQUIRED to sell prior to sponsoring, so your point is describing the past, not current situation. The dim-wit title is all yours, Brear.

Tex said...

Do you and Brear EVER read the comments? Are you going to make a Skype call or not?

IBOFB said...

Brear, you do know that in pre-BERR case Amway UK, you could join Amway just to buy the products cheaper?

Yes of course you do.

90% of people making no attempt to retail .... yet 60% of Amway UK sales volume came from this 90%!

In other words, they're buying stuff anyway, and they weren't earning commission either. This isn't evidence the products are unretailable - it's the exact opposite! It's evidence of retailability.

As for NPD, it's clear where the sufferer is in this case, and I think there's a reasonable chance you've been told that professionally, haven't you David?

Tex said...


If the UK was anything like the U.S., the reason 90% weren't trying to sell is because they were TOLD they didn't have to sell, just sponsor other IBOs, which makes the upline LCKs FAR more money via the tool scam. There are only 24 hours in a day, and why teach retail, which makes upline pennies, when the IBOs could be sponsoring, which makes the upline dollars, via the tool scam.

dtytrivedi said...

there is no restriction on how much u recruit.

if i recruit less according to my ability, it doesn't have restriction on my downlines, they recruit more and they can go ahead than me.

Again i tell u the reason why i am recuiting the people is not to cheat them.

the concept is damn simple, amway is the medium through which the we convert our houshold expense to income. (i know ur now converting it into scam).

how it is possible?\
u say amway products are costly, well in our product demonstrstion we are shown that how cost effective it is.

A car wash whichcasts u about Rs 229 but its concentrated, when u dilute it (as mentioned in how to use) it gives u 100 washes, repeat 100 washes.

the cost of 1 car wash will cost u Rs 2.9. incase if u include the cost of water it would cost Rs 20 at max...

i frequently wash my bike through this product.

And if u want to check how better the product is, give it to car garage and ask him after two weeks. they will definitly say that their profit margin is increased...

there are such many product, but u won't listen because if u listen then u don't have reason write against amway in ur blog.

shyam just dont mention the price like other government officials who don't know about amway products at all, any damn person can do it.I am not saying that u don't challenge the products.

when u compare the products u should know some other informations like whether its concentrated or not, if its costly why it is.

U always mentioned about glister, what do u find common in both which makes u think that it is same as others and still it being charged high price....