Monday, 5 October 2009

Amway fraud is compartmentalized

Why, if the examples given in 'Amway' literature are just examples (as your naive young friend, Trivedi, insists), were more than 90% of 'Amway' adherents in the UK recently found (by government investigators) not to be trying to sell any of 'Amway's' banal products to outsiders?
I've yet to encounter any destitute former 'Amway' core-adherent who wasn't taught that retailing is for Losers: 'Winners Duplicate the Proven Plan' and, without exception, it brings 'Total Financial Freedom in 2-5 Years.'
The so-called 'Proven Plan' (which 'Amway' apologists steadfastly pretend does not exist or has nothing to do with 'Amway') comprises excluding all 'Negative' influences whilst consuming a regular quantity of 'Amway' products, and/or services, each month and recruiting friends and relatives to do the same, etc. ad infinitum.
This is a perfect example of how the 'Amway' fraud is compartmentalized to prevent, and/or divert, investigation and isolate its final beneficiaries from liability. All the quantifiable evidence proves that all active participants are taught to consume and recruit, but 'Amway's' own book of 'rules' (which are not enforced) appears to prohibit this illegal practise. De facto 'Amway' agents, and the organization's echelon of amoral attorneys, indignantly point to these meaningless documents and loudly squawk that this is the irrefutable proof that 'Amway's Business Opportuniy' must be lawful.
Amazingly, this simple tactic has fooled regulators, journalists and even judges, all over the world for decades.
Obviously, the secret of understanding major organized 'MLM' crime groups like 'Amway,' lies in the fact that what their ginning bosses, smug apologists and deluded victims claim they do, and what is actually happening, are completely different.
Hopefully, Indian Judges will rely only on the quantifiable evidence, but I'm sure you will be there to assist them Shyam.
David Brear

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IBOFB said...

Hilarous. Brear asks - If the examples are just examples, why were more than 90% of IBOs not doing it!!!

Hahahaha. Cause they're examples Brear - anyone who joins can do as much or as little as they want.

You are however on to something, saying - "I've yet to encounter any destitute former Amway core-adherent who wasn't taught that retailing is for losers"

Maybe that's what contributed to them being "former" and "destitute" then? I've *always* been taught that retailing is an important part of the business - and guess what, I'm neither "former" nor "destitute"!

And there are millions like me ....