Monday, 12 October 2009

Want full text of the Judgement, IBOFB

IBOFB loves to call everyone dishonest, liar, communist and whatever he likes. If he has the full text of the Andhra Pradesh High Court judgement which runs around 40 pages, he would have known which part was mentioned. If he wants he can drop his email ID and the full text would be sent to him. If he wants he can read the full text of judgment at .
If he is really interested in reading or studying the Amway affidavit, he could have obtained it from his Amway friends whom he has been steadfastly supporting all these years. Without going into the facts he is simply passing on the onus probandi on to others.
As per Trivedi, he thinks MLM, pyramid marketing or chain marketing, referral marketing or sponsoring marketing are different systems. All these rackets are out to loot the gullible people.
Before GoldQuest racket was busted and criminal cases were filed against the Independent Representatives of GoldQuest, every Amway distributor supported its business model. Once it was busted, now they are disassociating with it. In fact, GoldQuest and its parental organisation Quixtar are also members of Indian Direct Selling Association.
If Amway India's business model is great, legal, viable and sustainable, why do they worry about a blogger writing against it.
My aim is to bring facts to the people. There are several hundreds of thousands of people who lost their trust and confidence of their relatives for making them join the Amway scam and are now repenting it. It would be an eye-opener for people who want to make lots of money after they are lured to join such schemes.
I hope and wish people would throw these scamsters out of country.


dtytrivedi said...
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Tex said...

I didn't see any JUDGMENTS there. There are plenty of prosecutor OPINIONS. Do you and Bream have a clue how the legal system works? LOL

dtytrivedi said...

The amway gives business opportunity to all type of people, there is no certain qualification or criteria for this, except u are 18 and above. And what in case for a lawyer or to become a medical representative of a company like Pfizer or other pharmaceutical company or u can take the example of many such companies where the person has to pass various tests and interviews for becoming and eligible person for that post or designation.

In amway anyone can come and go, So this serves as a boon for people that anyone can join and often curse for the company because anyone can join often they can tell anything about the company. And often they even don’t read amway code of ethics and conduct which given to every person who joins the business. But how many would follow that. Many people don’t go to the meetings attend product training sessions and so they misrepresent the company, do false promises and the company has to suffer. And this lead to the rise of education systems likes BWW, winners group and others, these groups only do such educational sort of work. Amway is not at all affiliated with seminars and open meetings, books, tapes and Cds except product training. The proof is that U won’t see the amway banner in such meeting u will see the banner of bww or winners group.
Many distributors are there in amway who still donot work according to the codes of conduct and ethics.
For e.g many business owners would keep the products in mall which is totally against the company policy and the result is that when company finds it out they are simply removed from the distributorship. In amagram magazine often such case are clearly mentioned and they also shown that they have also removed the distributorships of the people who are doing so. Whether that person id diamond or ruby or silver.
As far as protection of genuine direct selling is concernerd in India still there is no any particular sort of legislation for direct selling and i have told 3-4 times that there are only 15-16 genuine direct selling companies who are accredited with IDSA and IDSA is a subpart of WFDSA which operates and controls such companies in more than 58 countries.
So those people who didn’t went successful in amway they thought it would be easy lure people on the name of amway and they were successful because our government has still not taken any steps regarding legislation. And this is what the other companies and people are doing in guise of these companies and still they will keep on doing until and unless our government don’t consider in bringing legislation for the industry.

dtytrivedi said...

idsa has been lobbying government since 2002 but there is no positive response from the government regarding the legislation. But for u it seems just and fair infact i would criticise idsa body itself.

shyam our government is inefficient to identify wht is genuine direct selling and what is pyramid scheme.

dtytrivedi said...

the funny part is that check out who is operating the website an individual!!

And intriguing part is that he finds the press statements more subjective and he finds this website more authentic give me a break. throughout i his blog he has been mentioning this website, and he considers this website more credible then the others news website!!!!

he is simply stating all the facts which are opinions of the persons in that website which is handled by an individual.

Why not he would find such things in other website.

I think it more like corporate frauds watch opinions blog where opinions of people matters!!!!

dtytrivedi said...

Dear shyam tell me is goldquest a member of IDSA. check it out!!!!

U will not find such facts infos in .

IBOFB said...

Can you not read Shyam? I didn't say I wanted the judgement, I said I wanted the Amway affidavits. You repeatedly make statements about what is in Amway's evidence to the court, so clearly you must have it, don't you?

Where is it Shyam?

And why do you continue to refuse to answer as to whether you support the CPI?

Tex said...

Amway's side of the story should be met with the same skepticism as those suing them. The only thing that really matters is the judgment, not the OPINIONS of the parties. Interesting, yes, but of little consequence.