Thursday, 1 October 2009

Do not fall victim to the machinations of Amway

Tex is welcoming the new entrants into the cult. He is supporting him and admonishing the critics not to discourage him from trying. After trials and tribulations, if he loses in the game, people like Trivedi tuck their tails and go unnoticed. They never raise their voice barring a few like Eric.
Trivedi says that he is happy with his income and says that he doesn't care if earns in five years or fifteen years. In the same breathe, he also hopes that the business model has potential to make him rich. I only wish him good luck though I don't believe in luck.
People like Trivedi are the need of the hour for Amway because already a sizable number of people are disillusioned with the Amway business model. Anyway, it is the one billion population of India that is attractive for crooks like Amway. Even if one person becomes a member only once, they have one billion members and that is enough for them to mint money overnight. This is how they are thriving. And people like Trivedi blindly are falling in their trap and encouraging the fellow Indians to become victims to the fraud.
I hope my fellow Indians and people around the world realise the crooked designs of Amway and keep off themselves from it.


IBOFB said...

Hey Shyam,

I was just wondering why you didn't mention the High Court refused your petition to stop Amway advertising back in July? You wouldn't be censoring facts that don't support your opinion would you? ;-)

dtytrivedi said...

hello mr shyam, if u are talking about the numbers then listen.

In india currently direct selling industry is just above Rs 3000 crore. (according IDSA which consists of 16 genuine direct selling companies)

And in Mexico which has more than 111 million (10.5 times smaller than India's population) has Direct selling industry worth $4 billion.

thats 16 times more than that of India's direct selling industry.

notify me if u want to know the source of it.

Now try post comments that how direct selling is illegal in mexico Shyam

dtytrivedi said...

My dear good wisher shyam, in past conversation u were unable to tell what is 6 percenter and i know it very well that u considered it as Ruby direct. Now how can u say that 6-4-3 is illegal when u don't know the sales and marketing plan.

throw me any queries, don't go through andhra high court judgement what u find about 6-4-3 plan.

If u have mentioned it before then pls give the link. i will go through and i will tell u to go through mine.

and then we wil see where the things are going wrong!!!

dtytrivedi said...

thats really strange that when i am confronting u with factual information i have and u are just saying that i am blindly falling into a trap !!!!

dtytrivedi said...

hey shyam i am still here and i will share u more my details regarding my amway. so that it doesn't go unnoticed to u.

Tex said...

I don't recall seeing your phone number, why don't you post it again, email it to me, or have a Skype-based discussion, unless you're too scared to talk? You are so blinded by your own hatred towards almost anything that moves, it makes you unable/unwilling to understand what I am trying to convey.

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