Saturday, 31 October 2009

Herbalife cheating the gullible with promise of quick riches like Amway

Small size posters appear even in small towns all over Andhra Pradesh appealing people to contact through a mobile number if they want lose their weight or put on weight. At times, the word 'lose' spells 'loose'. If anybody calls to that mobile number he would be greeted with an invitation to a business opportunity. The invitee has to shell out Rs. 50 to attend the meeting where he would be explained how the 'great business opportunity' works. He would be told that he could shed extra flab and at the same time earn millions. Welcome to the wonder world of great business opportunity sponsored by Herbalife. With the officials and police turning a Nelson's eye to the menace of money circulation schemes in the name of multilevel marketing or network marketing, these con men cotinue to cheat the gullible all over India.
At the meeting, the invitees would be asked to fill a form to highlight their needs whether they want to lose weight or put on weight; or they want to undertake a business opportunity. Naturally, everyone wants to make money and the bait is on.
First, one has to become a member by paying Rs. 2,800. Then he has to purchase Herbalife products for retail sales or personal consumption. The products are very expensive and one has to spend at least Rs. 1800 per week to lose weight. It works out to nearly Rs. 7,500 per month. Is it possible for a middle class person to bear such amount for weight reduction? He expresses his inability to spend so much money for weight reduction.
Now comes the business opportunity. He has to purchase the Herbalife products in bulk to get a hefty discount of 40 per cent. He is naturally lured to avail that discount and after purchasing products only he realises that it is not that easy to find persons who can afford to buy the products. Then he desperately tries to sell the products preparing a poster with his mobile number asking people whether they want to shed extra weight or put on weight. Anyone can notice such posters through out India.
There are several thousands of people who purchased Herbalife products and stocked them in their houses. They simply blame themselves for not able to sell these products. They never realise that they were actually duped by the Herbalife.
Let us hope, at least some of these victims come out and file criminal cases against the fraudulent company Herbalife and its distributors. If anybody wants to file criminal cases they are welcome with free legal aid.


quixtarisacult said...

Just another Amway clone began by another narcistic psychotic fellow, all very much like the Amway Racketteers and cult initiators, the Devos-Van Andels.

One similar thread that makes all these schemes understandable is they are really selling 'business opportunities'. Products become meaningless props.

Maybe if information (as contained in Corporate Frauds Watch) was widely known and understood in the early 1960s in the United States, many of those taken in by Amway in the "land of the free" would have been spared. India doesn't have to become the next victimized nation in Amway's juggernaut. qiac

Tex said...

At least, as far as I know, Herbalife doesn't have a tool scam.

dtytrivedi said...

And one more thing legal scan. As u mentioned before " The Amway India is almost dead in Andhra Pradesh with no takers for its products. Trivedi depends upon the false figures supplied by his Amway bosses"

Well what figure do u have or u just went outside from your home asked ur friends whether they are purchasing amway product. Because i have strong proof of in numbers regarding amway's business in andhra pradesh for the year 2009.

So u now kindly tell people what information u have.

But i am confident these people only keep on talking but when it comes to information they try to avoid it!!!

Well lets see what does legal scan or his website promoter shyam has regarding his statement. I am quite sure that shyam often mentions his website for the proof so now lets see!!!

Unknown said...

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