Monday, 12 October 2009

Tex, IBOFB, Trivedi read what is written and try to understand

This Tex fellow, it seems, has a lot of 'clues' how legal system works in India. The Divisional Bench of Andhra Pradesh High Court while delivering the judgement analysed the arguments put forward by the petitioners i.e. Amway India, Advocate General and the counsels for the other respondents and has come to conclusion that Amway India's business model is illegal. And it was clearly mentioned that this is the interesting part of the judgement. These so-called intellectual apologists of Amway could not understand simple things.
Moreover, IBOFB keeps on asking irrelevant questions. I have told him several times before that my life is open and what is written in my profile is what I am. Nothing more or nothing less.
What was presented here was only a part of the judgement which was mentioned clearly. If IBOFB wants to read the full text of the judgement, it could be arranged. This fellow, it seems, demands that everything be given to him or questions be answered.
Youngman Trivedi starts his bleating again by saying that anyone can come and go in Amway business. Why they join and why they go? They join because they are introduced by their friend or relative. They go because they could not afford to purchase products for themselves or they fail to find persons who can purchase products from them at exorbitant prices. They go because they could not find people to recruit.
People all over world, just watch what happened in India and take a cue from it to throw these fraudulent companies from your respective countries. If all people who joined in these companies united, they could file a number of criminal cases against these companies and send these looters to jail.


dtytrivedi said...

Direct selling companies like M/s. Amway India, M/s. Avon Beauty India Private Ltd., M/s. Herbalife, M/s. Oriflame, M/s. Tupperware India, M/s. Surinder India have obtained necessary government approval from Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB).

As per Indian Direct Selling Association (IDSA), there are more than 200 direct selling firms operating in India and most of them are small and regional players. The firms account for over 60% of all goods sold through direct selling route in India. The direct selling firms are predominantly unorganised and the information on the approvals taken by such firms is not available.

The IDSA is a self-regulating industry association that mandates its members to operate within the strict provisions of a code of ethics prescribed by the World Federation of Direct Selling Association. The code of ethics sets out fair and ethical principles that induce a congenial and healthy environment for the direct selling industry. Consumers are protected against illegal or unethical practices through the enforcement of the code. The government is in dialogue with the IDSA in this regard.

This was stated by Shri E.V.K.S. Elangovan, Minister of State for Commerce & Industry, in a written statement in the Lok Sabha on 23rd August 2005.

Tex said...


You haven't shown ANY information that leads me to believe it is the JUDGE making statements about Amway, it looks like the prosecution side making statements. If it IS the judge, then Amway would have been kicked out of India by now. You appear to have NO IDEA what you're talking about.

Provide a link to the full text of the judgment or SHUT UP.

IBOFB said...

So Shyam, I take it from your non-answer and continued avoidance of the question that you ARE a supporter of the CPI or perhaps even CPI(M).

This explains a lot. It's not Amway per se you have a problem with, it's capitalism in general.

Your criticisms of Amway need to be seen in this light and others need to understand it.

dtytrivedi said...

well i tell u that amway also has products which are cost effective when u use it as per instructed.

And by the way let me share u this shyam, that Amway is now among top 10 fmcg players in india. And now don't tell me that any damn scam company can do this!!!!!

If the products are costly why the company is among top 10 fmcg companies in india.

Shyam Sundar said...

Tex, I have already given a link and click on MLM judgements. You refuse to do it and say something else. If you do not know the facts just learn them, otherwise SHUT UP. It is odd that the Amway apologists could not obtain any information from their masters. They are asking the critics. He goes on playing His Master's Voice wagging his tail.

dtytrivedi said...

Mr shyam the document which i found was
WRIT PETITION Nos. 20470 AND 20471 OF 2006 – DECIDED ON 19-07-2007.

and that was high court judgement. but hey take look at this.....


New Delhi, Delhi, India, 14-08-2007 21:45:01

In what could undermine the flourishing business in India of one of the world's largest direct selling companies Amway Corp of USA, the Supreme Court Tuesday dismissed its plea to stop an ongoing probe by the Andhra Pradesh Police into the legality of its business scheme.
Dismissing the Amway India Enterprises' plea, a bench of Justices H.K. Sema and L.S. Panta asked the Andhra Pradesh Police to complete its probe to determine the legality of the company business model.
The Andhra Pradesh Police is probing whether the scheme of selling its products through an interlinked chain of over 450,000 individual agents is akin to luring individuals into betting or for making easy money in violation of Section 2(c) Prize Chits and Money Circulation Scheme (Banning) Act, 1978.
The police had taken up the probe after lodging a First Information Report (FIR) against the company in September 2006 on a complaint from one Sukumar Balaji of Hyderabad.
Following the FIR, the police had raided the premises of nine officials and the warehouses of Amway India.
Amway India, in turn, had moved the Andhra Pradesh High Court challenging the police raids and sought suspension of the probe into its business model.
But the high court dismissed its petition on July 7, saying that the company's scheme was merely to enrol members for earning quick money.
The company subsequently moved the apex court, but failed to get any reprieve from it.
Amway India Enterprises is a private company with 'unlimited liability' registered under the Companies Act, 1956, and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of one of world's largest direct selling companies, Amway Corporation USA, operating in 80 countries through its subsidiaries with an annual sales turnover of $6.4 billion.
In India, it has replicated its global business model of direct selling through interlinked individual sales agents for the last 48 years.
In its petition, the firm had contended that its business model had been approved in June 1994 by the secretariat of industrial approvals of the union ministry of industry in consultation with several other ministries and departments, including the commerce ministry, finance ministry and the foreign investment promotion board.

let me know if u want the source

dtytrivedi said...

so can i call it a day after the judgement of supreme court or u will be criticizing the mistake of judgement !!!

dtytrivedi said...

Supreme court judgement on

The Supreme Court on Tuesday upheld a judgment of the Andhra Pradesh High Court confirming the State Government’s decision to initiate action against Amway India Enterprises and its distributors under the provisions of Prize Chits and Money Circulation Scheme (Banning) Act.

A Bench, comprising Justices H.K. Sema and Lokeshwar Singh Panta, after hearing counsel for the company and the Government, asked the police to complete the investigation within six months uninfluenced by the observations of a Division Bench of the High Court.

When the Andhra Pradesh Government contemplated action against the company and its distributors, petitions were filed in the High Court.

The court, in an interim order in September 2006, restrained the authorities from taking any action.

However, a Division Bench dismissed the petitions on July 19.

Apprehending that action would be taken against the company and its distributors, the present Special Leave Petition was filed seeking to quash the impugned judgment and an interim stay of its operation.
Operations in 80 countries

The petitioner said it was a wholly owned subsidiary of Amway Corporation, U.S. operating in 80 countries through its subsidiaries with an annual turnover of $6.4 billion for the last 48 years. It started the Indian operations in 1995 on the same model.

The company was selling 80 consumer products through 4.5 lakh individual distributors in a direct selling channel. The products were not available in shops, it said.
Nod from authorities

It said the authorities responsible for granting licence, registration and approval had approved the conduct of business.

(Prize Chits And Money Circulation Schemes) had no applicability to a business of sale of goods where all incomes were earned on sale of products and dependant on the volume of sales of each distributor/group of distributors.

“The petitioner’s business model does not envisage promoting or conducting a scheme for the making of quick or easy money,” it said.

Tex said...


Shyam Sundar said...

Trivedi, this is the order of the Supreme court of India. Click that link and find it. You cannot write whatever you please and claim that that is the Supreme Court Order.
Be honest.

Shyam Sundar said...

The incorrigible IBOFB is once again calling names. I have made more than once clear that I am what is written in the profile. Nothing more, nothing less. To be precise, I have never been a member of any political party be it Congress, Communist, BJP or any other party, in my life. My profile clearly explains it.
The hooded monsters, looters who hide behind pseudonyms cannot come out openly with their original names, call others names. Be truthful to yourself IBOFB. I know you are not truthful to your friends and reltives because as a member of Amway you should have enrolled them as members and earned their ire.
People of my beloved country and all over world, beware of such crooks and their malintentions. Let us throw these crooks out of our respective countries. With one combined spit, these crooks could be drowned. Shameless apologists of Amway crooks who are lining their pockets with the hard-earned money of the gullible people, realise your mistakes.

Tex said...

This is all it says, "UPON hearing counsel the Court made the following

Heard at length.

Impleadment application is dismissed.

There is no merit in these SL P s . They are, accordingly,

We, however, direct the Investigation Officers, Respondent
Nos. 5 & 6, to complete the investigation within a period of six months
from today. The Investigation Officers shall carry on the investigation
with a sense of expedition, uninfluenced by any observation made by
the High Court.

That was over 2 YEARS ago. What has happened since? All I see is a dismissal of charges and further investigation with unknown outcome. As I said above, LOL!!!

Tex said...

P.S., you and Bream are stupid.

Legal Scan said...

This Tex fellow is just a mudhead. I have already written a piece on it. The CID Police had already filed a criminal case against Amway India in the Nampally Chief Metropolitan Magistrate Court, Hyderabad. Last time, when the trial came for hearing, almost all the accused did not attend the court for which the Magistrate got angry with them and asked them to present themselves for next hearing on Nov 12, 2009. He gave them a stern warning. The absentees include Mr William Pinckney, Naren Rajan and others. This is how these crooks have been impeding the progress of the trial.

dtytrivedi said...

keeep on saying mate, and add some more spice if u want or add somehing new fact or case against amway and portray that amway is fraud on ur website mr legal scan so that shyam will have opportunity to post the same in his next comment. And this much more authentic than the news article

IBOFB said...

I didn't ask if you were a member of the CPI or any other political party - I asked if you were a supporter.

If you are, then it explains a lot about your objections towards Amway, as they same objections are applicable to virtually all distribution businesses.

In which case this whole discussion (and site for that matter!) is moot, as it really comes down to a difference of political philosophy, not a misunderstanding or misinterpretation of facts.

Legal Scan said...

The criminal case pending is against Amway in Nampalli Court vide CC No.125/2008 on the file of Hon'ble Chief Metropolitan Magistrate Court, Nampalli, Hyderabad, wherein the Diamond Members of Amway i.e. Raja Naren, Ashok Reddy, Manipal Reddy and Amway C.E.O. Willam Pickney are attending the court to face trial. The case was posted to November 12, 2009.
It is not spice, Trivedi. What is presented is a fact.
IBOFB you always change tactics. Now you are asking whether shyam is a supporter and next you ask whether he is a sympathiser or has left leangings. He has already made it clear that he is what he has written in his profile.