Monday, 19 October 2009

Download and read the report IBOFB

IBOFB expressed reasonable doubt. He thinks everyone is a liar because he is one as Tex believes everyone is an idiot because he is one.
I have already made it amply clear that whatever I write is supported by documents. I have also mentioned at the end of post that the report was obtained under the Right To Information Act.
If IBOFB really wants informatiion about the 'report' of Andhra Pradesh State Food Laboratory, he could obtain it through his Amway stooges in India. And I am sure that they have already got their hands on this report. The Amway India stooges could not say anything about the report because that it was true.
If IBOFB still wants to have a glance at the report, he could have it by clicking the website and download the scanned report which runs into 8 pages. He could have them enlarged and read or study whatever he likes.
At the same time, the onus probandi is on IBOFB to answer to the reasonable doubt expressed by 'racket'.
Trivedi should better shut hit mouth like he is doing for sometime now instead of blabbering meaningless utterings.


Tex said...

Talk about "blabbering meaningless utterings", all you had to do was post a link. IDIOT!!!

Legal Scan said...

This shows Tex's impatience and intolerance to any criticism.Talk some sense or at otherwise SHUT UP. IDIOT.

IBOFB said...

Thanks for the link Shyam. Unfortunately the scans are virtually illegible and it is impossible to determine what the claims mean.

It appears though that "misbranded" means Amway called them food supplements and the food lab thinks they should be called dietary supplements or something like that.

In other words it has nothing to do with "quality" at all, simply a problem of labelling definitions used by different governments.

Why would you claim this is evidence Amway products are not good quality when it has virtually nothing to do with quality?

Tex said...

Legal Scan,

Are you sure you have the right name? I think you mean "Legal Scam". LOL

I'll bet you're too scared to talk as well, aren't you?

Legal Scan said...

This Tex fellow, it seems, is more interested in talking than writing or reading. We can understand that because he cannot read more than one or two sentences. That is why he wants to 'talk' rather than presenting ideas in words.Laugh out Loud.

Tex said...

I prefer to make progress, rather than go round and round ad infinitum. LOL