Tuesday, 27 October 2009

MyVideoTalk is another racket like Amway

Harsha Patil, a reader, wants to know how MyVideoTalk is a scam. It is good he asked that question.
Harsha puts forward some interesting arguments. He claims that he has been into the marketing of Myvideotalk for the last two years. He finds that it is interesting and worthwhile. He also claims that it is optional.
The argument that it is optional to do business holds no water. Everybody wants to do some business to earn more money. That is understandable. One has to understand the racket behind the business model to unravel the mystery.
The Myvideotalk is also a binary scheme in which everyone who wants to do `business ' must enrol two persons and these two persons must enrol two more persons each if they want to do the 'business'. This is again infinite chain which is going to break sooner than later.
Let us look at the levels of bonuses offered by the organisers. A new member is called 'Executive' and there are five more levels to achieve Presidential Platinum Executive after which the member would receive infinity bonus of one per cent through out his life.
A member has to pay Rs. 10,000 as entry fee to purchase 'web space'/'web services' which is completely intangible. Is it really worth its price is another question to ponder. Like Amway products, this product is also highly priced to allow the organisers of the racket to make fastbuck. The inducement of hefty commission is very attractive one cannot help but join the scheme. Soon he would realise that it is a mirage.
The organisers of the scheme offer the members that they can earn $ 5,000 per day and reach a potential maximum of $35,000 per week if they continue enrollment of new members. The basic question is from where do they generate so much money. The money is 'supplied' by the new members themselves. This is nothing but easy and quick money for the organisers. Myvideotalk scheme is also based on the 'high priced product-sale racket' of Amway and that is why the Amway is called mother of all scams.
One may argue that the product is good and useful. But it is not worth its value. By joining such scheme in the hope of getting rich in a short span, people are buying this exorbitantly priced product. But soon they realise that it is not going work and they blame themselves for not achieving the targets. They do not realise that the scheme itself is cheating. That is how these fraudsters are escaping the long arm of the law.
These fraudulent companies have been draining out economies of so many countries. Let us stop these fraudsters. People all over world, do not fall prey to the machinations of these scamsters.


dtytrivedi said...

it would be great if u tell that what is strong the reason which makes so sure that amway products are not worthed the price offered by Amway india.

Not to forget that its now among top 10 fmcgs in india, if indian consumers are not accepting the product product
then why this company so called "closed market swindle" by you its products are selling in indian market????

Except price what are the product features u didn't like....

quixtarisacult said...


Okay, I'm a fool for trying to reason with you. Obviously you've been reasoned with before to no effect. You do keep coming back to this blog to argue how wonderful Amway and their products are.

Simply put, these products, the overpriced supplements and ordinary crap that could be bought cheaper elsewhere are merely 'props' to justify the unjust enrichment of U.S. based racketteers. They are designed to be unretailable and mask the selling of 'business opportunities', the only real product offered by any MLM company selling the same thing.

Robert Fitzpatrick has a great article that everyone, including you young dtytrivedi, needs to read. Click HERE.

My esitmation is that you too easily believe the Amway myths which seek to sucker you into believing in a swindle, being swindled yourself, and most importantly advocating swindling others.

Tex said...


And you need to read my response to your False Profits link. You're STUPID!

dtytrivedi said...

well quixtariscult let me know if u want to know in indian context.

I have done the price comparisons - even i have the videos which shows price per consumption.

So let me know if u are interested in. i don't focus on the person as i said before but u know i can't resist to say many people like u i have met they don't talk stright, they just talk what you are... and they would make attempts to deviate from the topic.

our family have plenty of demos product demos where the other brands are no match with our products.

And i know what will happen next to my comment. Either u will reply regarding that and inquire regarding that? or as always u will comment old stories regarding amway adherants, myths and all that stuff. And u will see a new post of 2 pages on me that how blind i am suckered in this amway cult business and some glimpse in history of amway followers and other similar stuff from the writer.

clearly in this blog I have made numerous attempts to talk regarding the issue but u guys will...

And one more thing my dear friend It would be great if u get some facts regarding indian market. Because amway is producing 85% of products though indian contractors (let me know if want to know about this)

I know u would make enough attempts to deviate but u won't ask how come it is among top fmcgs in india --- u guys are more interested statements said by the other authors as if they are the only ones possessing the knowledge of mlm companies. The link which u showed similarly i can show u other articles saying how it is helping in indian people which are news and magazines and many authors who are not in amway.

I saw the link its just a statment said by him if u want real comparison per product consumption ask me. i have better than this

dtytrivedi said...

even i have also went through pyramid scheme alert website.

let me know, I have show u some glimpse how the website is manipulating the information amway india. He just showed the some links which were filed against amway hydradbad but there were also news after that which he didn't showed.

and lot more. If u want some facts where u can rely with let me know...

quixtarisacult said...


Amway operates a closed market swindle in India. What more do I (and you) need to know?


And you are intent to defraud others into getting into what I know you know is a swindle with its wonderful secondary tool swindle as well. Of course you are aware of the later, and also are aware of the first. Seems like you and Steadson should kiss and make nice. You always repeat the same pal parrot Amway reality inverting con job myths that victimize.

Tex said...


You're clueless, but at least you're consistent. LOL

dtytrivedi said...

thats what i am telling you, that if it is closed market swindle why it is among top fmcgs players in india.

And direct selling is legal business and soon government will bring legislation.


don't worry it won't harm your computer. There u will see that how idsa is the news.

you should try to understand what is dsa and how many genuine direct selling companies are there in India.

Well, did know how much IDSA affiliated companies contribute to indian economy and government and how much employment it generates.

Well i am damn sure, u won't bother to find that but let me tell u this i have enough evidence which shows that direct selling in india is playing vital role for to the indian economy and even other economies.

For e.g Australia which has 22million population has direct selling industry of AUD 1.3 billion 16th largest direct selling market which 44% bigger than that of Indian direct selling industry.

Australia has 1/55th population of india!!! So u can't say that india has more population so direct selling industry is biggest in the world; however it does represent the huge opportunity.

u cannot say $113 billion industry is closed swindle market and Amway is second largest player in that.

let me know if u want to know regarding that.

dtytrivedi said...

And these are not my or other opinions, these are facts !!! so uf u want the source of that let me know

Legal Scan said...

Trivedi has no idea how Amway India is boasting that is one of the top FMCGs in India. It is a blatant lie. Amway India never comes out with figures of its sales but only gives imaginery figures. It never reveals how much of its products are sold to the retail customers. The Amway India is almost dead in Andhra Pradesh with no takers for its products. Trivedi depends upon the false figures supplied by his Amway bosses. But reality is otherwise.
As per quality, Trivedi has already seen the Andhra Pradesh State Food Laboratory Reports.
If he can reveal which toothpaste costs Rs. 120 in India, let him do it.

dtytrivedi said...

now this proves legal scan that u just speak and speak u don't read the news.

Andhra pradesh has grown by 12.5% compared to previous year and Visakhapatnam was one of the key cities for Amway for this year.

Again wrong legal scan you should change ur name illegalscan !!

I have also the source i have not heard from any amway bosses!!1

dtytrivedi said...

let me know if u want to know in numbers regarding amway turnover in andhra. i will show only if u ask because u won't digest the fact when i show it to u.