Friday, 16 October 2009

Amway apologist IBOFB misses the simple logic

It is proved once again how Amway apologists wantonly refuse to see the truth.
In Nirmala case, the husband is insisting on his wife to sell Amway products and the wife says that she could not face humiliations any more and begging her husband to leave her alone. For that reason, the husband is ready to discard the mother of two children. Our 'intelligent' IBOFB says that the products could be returned to Amway. If the products are returned, would the husband earn PVs? The simple logic misses IBOFB's little brain. At this point let us leave the whole issue to our readers to measure the mental calibre of IBOFB.
Trivedi says that there is no compulsion either to purchase products or recruit distributors and still it is a great business opportunity to achieve 'total financial freedom in 2-5 years'.
Without purchasing products and recruiting members how anybody would 'do' business is left to the imagination of our readers. Even 6-4-3 plan is also not for implementation. Laugh out Loud. It seems that the profit of Rs. 56, 925 shown in the Amway India website is only imaginary and example. But for any ordinary person it is sure a big bait to join immediately as distributor of Amway. After joining only he would realise that it is next to impossible to recruit so many people and he dumps the business idea of 'total financial freedom'.
I hope people all over world now realise the dangers behind the business model of Amway and throw the crooks out of their respective countries.


IBOFB said...

So what you're saying is the husband is "inventory loading" - purchasing products they do not use and cannot sell in order to get the PV?

This is
(a) really dumb
(b) a clear violation of Amway's rules

If an ABO is violating Amway's rules, report them to Amway.

quixtarisacult said...

This post brings up a good point. I know for a fact that the duped IBOs--known to me--have a whole 'larder' full of Amway crap they may never use and will become so old that it will be un-refundable regardless. (Items currently stockpiled include vitamins and extortionately priced 'gormet' coffee and the not so 'perfect' water which they know is too expensive to drink.)

I myself set out for the garbage truck driver several cases of old XS drinks and other crappy meal replacement bars that I considered unpalatable. The drinks tasted like most chemical plants smell, and I couldn't stomach even when they were fresh. These otherwise unused and unsold items were never returned simply because when that was mentioned it sent the IBO daughter in law into fits of tears fearing she and her husband would be deprived the PV points that keep their Amway dreams viable.

I'd like to mention that these gung-ho IBO con-men are themselves being swindled. These brilliant self-consumers of their own inventories have failed to reach even the first pin rung on the ladder to Amway riches. Prayers around their dinner table usually involve God being asked to provide a new Amway recruit, as all family and acquaintances have long been exhausted. Strangers at McDonalds are now being targeted.

How long before these folk flush themselves out of the swindle, there have already been signs of misgivings with the whole affair?

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Joecool said...

It is very obvious that Amway's and tools scam groups do not readily accept returns as easily as they claim. Else why would people be selling Amway goods and tools below cost on ebay, sometimes for pennies on the dollar?

Tex said...


Your daughter needs to act like an adult.


Because there are time limits. By the way, I am enjoying your posts that ibofb's new "sign-off" link on qblog provides: