Friday, 16 October 2009

Who is actually dumb IBOFB or the victim?

IBOFB's comment is intersting. LoL. However, he is not clear as to who is actually dumb. Is it the husband, or teacher or IBOFB himself is dumb? He once again parrots that it is against Amway rules as if they are mandatory and enforceable.
It is proved again that the Amway business model in practice is only dumb and cunning too. This is how several millions of my countrymen were cheated by this fraudulent company. The sad part of it is no one comes forward to file criminal cases against the company. They silently suffer. I HOPE AND WISH that they would come out openly and file criminal cases against the persons who introduced them and the company which cheated them.


Joecool said...

On paper, Amway looks easy. Just duplicate, get others to copy. In real life the high prices and bad reputation make it nearly impossible.

quixtarisacult said...

IBOFB promotes Amway, while he also is aware of the well known facts related to the financial holocaust that core adherants of the AmQuix cult have historically weathered. Knowing the actual bad truth of the Amway 'bidnez' makes this comic book scoundrel guilty of intent to defraud others into a swindle (whether he actually profits from its promotion or not.) He shields his masters who provide him with all the AmScam propaganda which he incorporates in his despicable web pages.

I might mention that he is not alone, but indeed is the most recognized of all promoters of this closed market swindle, a form of advanced fee fraud. qiac

Tex said...

I don't know how it works in India, but in the U.S., we are contractually bound to NOT sue, but use a corrupt internal mediation/arbitration process that has been called "unconscionable" by several federal judges.

quixtarisacult said...

I actually agree with Tex about the loop hole which allows Amway to bottle up disgruntled IBO folk in binding arbitration, which is indeed 'unconscionable'. This same contract also takes any 'independent' out of the reality inverting term 'Independent Business Owner' because Amway carefully calls all the shots in regards to their 'business' which is merely a front for a swindle of gigantic proportions. The fact that Amway allows a secondary swindle to exist: the tool and function business is absolutely 'unconscionable.'