Monday, 12 October 2009

Amway mob terrified that Indian authorities have worked out the racket

You are perfectly correct, your three, resident 'Amway' stooges are not going to face reality.
It is interesting to note that your naive young friend, Trivedi, has now begun referring to Mr. Steadson by his given name. However, Steadson is a classic 'Amway' smoke-screen. The 'Amway' mob have been using a masked comic-book character to maintain a presence on your Blog. This Bolshie two-dimensional sophist is only there in an attempt to stop you and your readers from using their critical faculties. You will have observed that I never address any comments directly to this irrelevant 'Amway' monkey and I would strongly advise anyone to do the same. It only gives an absurd paragraph of the 'Amway' fiction more credibility.
Talking of 'Amway' smoke screens, so-called 'Direct Selling Associations' exist all over the world. They are typically registered as private companies, but they have no independent source of revenue and their activities are wholly-financed by their members. Thus (although they include a minority of legitimate companies within their ranks), DSAs are the de facto agents of major organized crime groups like 'Amway'. Indeed, DSAs have been used by the 'Amway' mob (and their many imitators) to lobby governments internationally in a blatant attempt to prevent investigation. Although, the first 'Direct Selling Association' dates back to California at the start of the 20th century (when it was a respectable organization), since the late 1960s the concept has been subverted by 'MLM' racketeers. For decades, DSAs have promoted and shielded criminal activity and their officers have merely pretended affinity with regulators. They are always interested in being seen to associate with anti-pyramid scam legislation, but, at the same time, they seek to steer the legislation away from the hidden criminal activities of their pay-masters.
If we were to set up a pyramid money game (where players pay a regular sum and recruit others to do the same) on the pretext that 'provided the game keeps expanding geometrically, then every player will become rich,' we'd be committing a criminal offence. The 'Amway' mob have set up such a game, but they have camouflaged it by supplying (effectively) unsaleable products and by arbitrarily defining the illegal payments as 'sales.' They have also introduced large doses of mathematical mystification. The essential identifying characteristic of all pyramid and Ponzi schemes is that they have no (or insufficient) external revenue. Victims are deceived into buying infinite shares of what can only be their own finite money. In 'MLM' swindles, the (effectively) unsaleable products might as well not exist.
The billionaire 'Amway' mob have bought their way into the Republican party in the USA and, to date, avoided being held to account. They are now terrified that the Indian authorites have worked out the racket.
David Brear


dtytrivedi said...

well from where do u get these spicy gossips !!! I am sure some one had told u this the same way are psoting comments...

Now can show the proof of that what u have been saying in mastan vali website....

Tex said...

I agree the DSA is a sham:

It is again noted neither Shyam or Bream have the guts to talk about the Amway issue. I make the same offer to ibofb and dtytrivedi, because you 2 also have some serious errors in your thinking.