Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Laugh at total lack of self-awareness of these Amway adherents

I observe that Mr. Scott ('Tex' ) Johnson has suddenly changed his puerile and abusive tone and is now posing as a fair -minded individual - the misunderstood victim of my blind hatred.
Although it is tempting to hold such a manipulative moral coward in contempt, one has to try to remember that he might once have been quite a decent fellow prior to his involvement with 'Amway'. If I have any feeling towards him, I suppose it is one of pity.
Johnson seems now to have arrived at a crossroads in his life, for deep down in his soul, he must know that he was duped by a ridiculous lie and that he has been used to dupe others. To date, Johnson's ego has not allowed him freely to face up to this painful reality. However, instead of remaining silent (like the overwhelming majority of the tens of millions who have been churned through 'Amway's' closed-market swindle and advanced fee fraud), he has chosen to broadcast his face-saving belief that the so-called 'Amway Business Opportunity' itself is OK, but the allied so-called 'Motivational Organizations' are run by liars and cowards. Interestingly, when Eric Scheibeler first started to escape from the hold of the 'Amway' myth, he briefly clung to the same delusion. The treatment he subsequently received at the hands of the grinning bosses of the 'Amway' mob soon brought him back to reality.
As far as I can make out, Johnson now seems to be claiming that he has modified his previous thinking and wants to parley. In truth, unless he wants to offer his unconditional surrender, what could we possibly have to discuss. For (until this apparent about-face), Johnson has been like a young lad caught trying to pass a counterfeit $100 bill. His crack-pot defence has been: 'Well only bits of it appear to be the problem, so why won't you accept the rest of it Asshole?'
Sometimes, you have to laugh at total lack of self-awareness of these characters, which is worthy of the average adolescent.
David Brear


Tex said...

Not even close! LOL

Tex said...

For the next week only, anyone can call me here: (214) 646-1201 x-544

It only works between 8 am and 9 pm Central time.

Tex said...

Hey Brear and what's his name, did you catch this one? Looks like you're having a MAJOR impact in India...NOT! LOL

Again, let me know when you want to get a clue! LOL

dtytrivedi said...

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