Tuesday, 13 October 2009

DSAs are not independent regulatory bodies run by honest individuals

This Scott ('Tex') Johnson fellow is like a character from a badly-written comedy script. There is a very good reason for this: he is a character from a badly-written comedy script. Apparently, Johnson really believes that we are like foolish children, incapable of thinking without his wise paternal guidance. Although, on the ample evidence of his ceaseless puerile and abusive contributions to your (and other) Blog(s) and his incapacity to spell common English words, Mr. Johnson is an ill-educated, immature and oafish lout who has quite obviously never had an intelligent thought in his life.
Trivedi is so naive that he imagines 'DSAs' to be independent regulatory bodies run by honest individuals. The suggestion that 'DSAs' are a smoke screen run by the de facto agents of major organized crime groups like 'Amway,' he considers to be 'gossip.' How the hell does Trivedi think that the corporate officers of 'DSAs' get paid? Does he think that they are brave and incorruptible law enforcement agents financed by tax payers?
In the adult world of quantifiable reality, 'DSAs' are generally registered as private companies, but they conduct no commercial activity themselves. They are wholly-financed by the membership fees of organizations including: 'Amway', 'Herbalife.', etc. Whatever lofty 'Codes of Ethics' these 'DSAs' brandish, are never enforced. The former Chairman of the 'World Federation of Direct Selling Associations' was none other than the son of one of the instigators of the 'Amway' mob. The elderly Director of the 'UK DSA,' Richard Berry, recently gave a lengthy deposition to the UK High Court in which he committed perjury on behalf of 'Amway UK,' but, mysteriously, no complaint was made to the Judge by UK government lawyers. The corporate officers of the 'US DSA' have been attempting to interfere with federal and state legislation concerning their pay-masters' criminal activities, for decades.
Unfortunately, intellectually castrated persons such as Johnson and Trivedi think using the two-dimensional (negative versus positive) scenarios which control totalitarian movements. They have been programmed systematically to view persons such as you and I Shyam, as being unenlightened. Sadly, they cannot comprehend any form of multi-dimensional thinking.
Most of the bleating flock of 'Amway' apologists, with the exception of Steadson (and his largely-invisible associates) are to be pitied. However, their pathetic, face-saving squawking, when faced with a mountain of damning evidence, demonstrates the frightening hold pernicious cultic groups can exert over their adherents.
David Brear


Tex said...


You are stupid, wrong, and too scared to make a simple phone call. LOL

dtytrivedi said...

dear shyam the two comments which i posted regarding supreme court which ruled in favor of Amway were



and the last one is bonus for u

and one last thing that u that two first posts were after the date of
19-07-2007 and the one was on 19-07-2007

Legal Scan said...

Trivedi do not know between the citation of a case from the news report. He merely shows a news story and claims that is the supreme court judgement. Go to the link mentioned and read the Supreme Court judgement. Tex has already read it. And if you want the AP High Court judgement, just click http://www.skmastanvali.com/site/jud/alt.doc and read the full judgement.

dtytrivedi said...

right now in WFDSA Avon CEO Andrea Jung, is chosen to head World Federation of Direct Selling Associations, she was elected during late 2008.

well let me share u her profile
1. She ranked #25 in most powerful women 100 according to Forbes

2. She is 7th powerful women in NewYork

3. Her company Avon is largest direct selling company in the world

4. Her company ranked 255th in Fortune 500 list 2009 of America's largest corporations and 770th largest corporation in the world according to forbes global 2009

5.she was ranked #6 on Fortune magazine's "50 Most Powerful Women in Business” list.

6. She has been ranked on The Wall Street Journal’s "50 Women to Watch” since 2004,

7. was one of 18 executives included in U.S News & World Report’s “America’s Best Leaders 2007.

so now what are your views about her now shyam

dtytrivedi said...

is ur website government website Mr legal scan.....

Why should i rely on ur website or mr shyam.

And my friend legal scan the judgment was made after high court so please don't keep on saying that, read the comment on previous post i just copy and pasted the news and mine is more latest than the one in ur website mr legal scan ask me if u didn't understand, check your website, the date when high court judgement made and the supreme court judgement date u will find the difference

dtytrivedi said...

If u are saying that i merely showing news claims then what is shyam showing, what is printed on ur website mr legal scan...
what is the difference in that.e

Legal Scan said...

Trivedi has proved once again that he is a nitwit. Just click on it, Trivedi can see the actual judgement with its citation. Without looking at it, he comes to conclusion that it is written by an individual. It seems, Trivedi is averse to meet or look at 'certain' people.

dtytrivedi said...

isaw the judgement and the date when it was decided however i would request u to see the judgement of supreme court which is AFTER 19-07-2007.

the supreme court judgement was on 12-08-2007 !!!!

Legal Scan said...

Trivedi, what you are showing on Andhranews.net is the statement of Amway India, how can it be High Court judgement. That proves that your level of understanding things very low.

dtytrivedi said...

legal scan what about the other two....................................................

go through it and tell me

Legal Scan said...

Trivedi, what you have shown as supreme court judgements are actually statments of Amway. I wonder have read you them before giving others to read. Trivedi is such a nitwit, he cannot understand what is a judgement and statement by a company.

dtytrivedi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
dtytrivedi said...

hello legal i am not saying that amway case is over but

the Supreme Court Tuesday dismissed its plea to stop an ongoing
probe by the Andhra Pradesh Police into the legality of its business scheme

Is now is this statement right or wrong?

Now before telling me nitwit pls tell the answer mr legal scana

dtytrivedi said...

all the statments u made about me is ur thinking about me. i just posted the links to u. And thats what u conclude about me, what u were saying were ur thinking about me that what i was saying.

I am very clear about it what i say. I highlighted this part. And tell me whether it is right or wrong.

"In what could undermine the flourishing business in India of one of the world's largest direct selling companies Amway Corp of USA, the Supreme Court Tuesday dismissed its plea to stop an ongoing probe by the Andhra Pradesh Police into the legality of its business scheme."