Thursday, 15 October 2009

Why friends, relatives shut the doors on her face IBOFB

Well 'masked zero'. It seems you got a veil over your eyes. Lift the veil and see the reality. Actually Nirmala tried her best to help her husband in the Amway business. But as a woman with self-respect, she could not bear the humiliations while selling the products. The friends and relatives shut the doors on her face which was more than she can bear. That is why she tried to reason with her husband. But the greedy husband wants to become rich 'soon'. He has no qualms to discard his family to become rich.
Let us look at the enrolment of members. It is not mere enrolment. The enrolled members are actually purchasing products either for their personal use or for sale. When they cannot sell these products which are exorbitantly priced to the cost-conscious people, what do they do with the products. That is why most people who were enrolled stop purchasing products very soon. That is how they incur loss. Still, most people do not blame Amway India. They blame themselves for not able to sell the products. They do not blame the person who got them joined into the scheme. But they would never trust them in future. That is how the social fabric is getting damaged.
Many of the dropouts do not realise that the business model of Amway itself is to be blamed. That is why they do not file criminal cases against Amway India. That is how this fraudulent company has been escaping all these years.


Tex said...

I don't know much about pricing in India, but it has improved dramatically in the UK and U.S. recently. A much bigger issue in the U.S. is the continuing Amway tool scam. I suggest you visit my site to learn more, by starting here:

IBOFB said...

So, let me get this right. She tried to sell exclusive products to people who apparently couldn't afford them - and it's Amway's fault she couldn't?

Tell me, how much sales training did she undergo?


You say -

When they cannot sell these products which are exorbitantly priced to the cost-conscious people, what do they do with the products.

They can send them back for a full refund. Amway will even pay freight costs if necessary. Try that with starting another business.

Tex said...

I'm surprised she even tried selling products. How did she find out she should try selling products?

Legal Scan said...

We can understand the low level thinking brain of IBOFB. Products could be sent back to Amway if both of them agree on that point. But the husband is insisting to sell them at any cost. That is the crux of the point.

IBOFB said...

If *the husband* is insisting to sell them at any cost, and Amway is saying "give them back to us, we'll give you all your money back" .... how exactly does that make Amway a scam?

dtytrivedi said...

Dear shyam even some of my friends who are in insurance sector, having burden of filling up the target of 10 lacs also face the similar problem.

Again if u go the code of conduct u will know better than me that
1. there is no compulsion is buying specific amount of amway products.
2. no one can enforce the other people to buy specific quantity one should compel to replicate what is shown in 6-4-3 plan.

u must be thinking than why the heck 6-4-3 plan made for.....

I tell u before the plan we clearly say
1.there is no any sort of commitment between us
2.i will explain u how the commision works through 6-4-3 EXAMPLE
3.It is not mandatory to do the business same way as it is in 6-4-3
4. It is not compulsary that u buy products from amway only. and also buying specific amount of products.

5. 6-4-3 is just an example where if each person has monthly expense of Rs5000 (ASSUMTION) and if he joins amway and replace the products which he using with amway products

and according to example of 6-4-3 if a person buys and retails product of 100 pv or 5000 in a monyh, and if he recruits 6 people who inturn are doing the same. And if all those people recruit 4 people which makes it 24(according to 6-4-3 example) and they doing the same (buying and retailing product worth 100 pv in a month) and if those 24 people recruit less people say 3 people which makes 72 people.

Thus it makes it 103 people which are doing the same buying the product froms amway shop and making retail effort which makes it 100 pv for the month.

the following will be the outcome, and following way people will get compensated.

there is no compulsion for people to do 100 pv. i don't do it unless i retail product. however oftenv my personal expense is 60pv.

Even one of my mother's downline they buy products worth 100 pv for 2 months.

Tex said...

If the products are returned, the PV/BV isn't awarded. Amway knows this type of behavior goes on, just like they actively encourage the tool scam. I'll be doing a post on my blog on that soon.