Sunday, 11 October 2009

Amway India has dug its own grave with its affidavit in the AP High Court

IBOFB has come out once again with his pranks of denial. And Tex has gone to the extent of asking both Shyam and David to stop going further, whatever he meant. And Trivedi is once again bleating the same old words.
It has already mentioned that it is the part of the lengthy judgment delivered by the Andhra Pradesh High Court. And IBOFB should remember that it is based on the affidavit filed by Amway India appealing to the Hon'ble High Court of Andhra Pradesh to declare its scheme legal. The business model is presented by Amway India and how can anybody sitting in an alien land say that it is all wrong. Do these fellows think that Amway India's business model was wrong or deductions were wrong.
IBOFB is right at one point. A majority of Amway distributors do not recruit new members because it is not possible to find so many people on earth. The Mathematical Impossibility principle.
The IBOFB did not elaborate what kind of services the Amway is extending to the distributors other than selling its tools at a huge cost. He simply says that everything is wrong and everyone is wrong.
Note once again my dear IBOFB, it is all based on the affidavit filed by Amway India itself and it has dug its own grave. And the Supreme Court of India has confirmed it.


dtytrivedi said...

Regarding your statment
"A majority of Amway distributors do not recruit new members because it is not possible to find so many people on earth. The Mathematical Impossibility principle"

This implies more to pyramid scheme than the amway---- if u know the difference between the two.

Well u must have understood how much people are being employed through direct selling industry and also in india if have read the business today article.

dtytrivedi said...

if u are saying that i bleating old words then what are u doing mentioning again and again AP high court judgement.

it would be better better to check the degree of validity and source of information rather commenting on old or new. Because if by going that way majority of your findings are on AP high court judgement and 1970's and UK case which Amway has won......

dtytrivedi said...

Shyam even when amway will win this case also u won't change ur judgement because u think in ur own way.

Infact u r not against amway u are against the direct selling industry. And u don't want to understand the difference between direct selling, mlm and pyramid scheme. U are thinking direct selling and mlm are are two synonyms of pyramid schemes.

u are portraying $113 billion industry as a scam industry. OFten relating with madoff.

IBOFB said...

Shyam, now you're being outright dishonest. The text you gave was not part of the judgement, nor was it the affidavit of Amway - it was the claims of the plaintiff's lawyer!

Why don't you post Amway's affidavit so we can judge for ourselves?

You also now exhibit even more ignorance in claiming that the revenues Amway attracts for monthly volume is from "selling it's tools at huge cost". The tools Amway sells do not generate PV - the revenues is from the purchase of Amway products. An ABO gives them money, the ABO gets some product.

It would seem you believe that normal commerce is a scam!

I ask again ... and I note you've never directly answered ... do you support the Communist Party of India?

dtytrivedi said...
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dtytrivedi said...

nice question, but u know david, he won't answer it straightly because he loves to post his comments but he won't tell u in yes or no, however as u have seen he questioned my plenty of times to answer and i after some arguements i did for the sake of clarity and respect of him, but i am sure he won't reply u straight away. infact u will definitly have his reply but inform of huge post in his blog, regarding the nature of ur question, what type of person u are and maybe some glimpse of amway in history. And u to figure it out his reply to your answer.

Tex said...

Brear (Mr. Excessive Adjective/Adverb)/Shyam,

You're still too chicken to talk, aren't you?