Sunday, 11 October 2009

Blatant bid to repress dissent of Amway's global racket

Again, the 'Amway' stooges arrive on your Blog squawking that everyone must be a fool, biased, a communist, a liar, a coward, etc. etc., who challenges the authenticity of the 'Amway' myth ('Total Financial Freedom in 2-5 years').
In reality, given the wider evidence, anyone with an ounce of common-sense can immediately deduce that 'Amway' is an absurd comic-book fiction being peddled as fact.
As you know Shyam, Mr. Steadson (who still chooses to hide behind his impressive made-up titles and his comic-book mask) operates a series of Websites. These pump out a steady stream of reality-inverting 'Amway' propaganda in multiple languages and on a scale which leads many observers to assume that our Bolshie little masked-avenger is not just one individual. Whomsoever Steadson might be, the sophisticated misinformation-dispersal system behind his multiple comic-book identities (who regularly squawk on Blogs such as yours, and on the Websites which Steadson apparently runs himself), is self-evidently not independent of the leadership of 'Amway.'
Indeed, if a rigorous international investigation of the labyrinth of (apparently independent) corporate structures that the billionaire bosses of the 'Amway's' mob have been allowed to construct, was pursued, with a view to a full-scale criminal prosecution in the USA under the Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organizations Act 1970, then the extensive Internet activities of Mr. Steadson (whomsoever he might be) would certainly attract the attention of the US Dept. of Justice.
The latest protracted contribution, apparently penned by the masked-avenger, on your Blog, is yet another blatant attempt by the 'Amway' mob to repress both internal and external dissent of their global racket. This relentless reality-inverting propaganda is almost worthy of the 'KGB' and 'Pravda' but then, it was 'Stalin' who originally hid mass-starvation behind pretty images of smiling workers pursuing '2-5 plans for economic success,' wasn't it?
David Brear

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