Wednesday, 14 October 2009

The most skillful stroke in the whole fraud of Amway

The 'Amway Ministry of Truth' disguised as Mr. Steadson, who (in turn) is disguised as a comic-book masked hero, would have the world believe that purchases made by 'Amway' participants themselves are authentic retail sales just because the bosses of the 'Amway' mob say that they are authentic retail sales to end users and because they have voluteered to pre-pay retail sales-tax on the camouflaged, internal payments in the highly-profitable, illegal money game which they run. This is probably the most skillful stroke being pulled in the whole fraud. Tax officials, who obviously are't going to refuse money, are not responsible for policing pyramid scams, but they are inadvertently assisting in shielding them by allowing this situation to continue.
Obviously, one of the simplest ways to police illegal money games camouflaged by (effectively) unsaleable products, would be to absolve all participants in all direct selling schemes from paying retail sales-tax on internal transactions, and make them responsible for collecting the retail sales-tax from external customers, as is the case in all authentic retail businesses.
The billionaire bosses of the 'Amway' mob have spent millions of stolen dollars lobbying governments in order that no such common sense rules are introduced.
This absurd character played by Steadson is self-evidently part of the 'Amway' racket.
David Brear


Tex said...

Can you prove interal consumption from all businesses do NOT pay sales tax?

IBOFB said...

A movie masked hero, David, not comic book. You can't get much right at all can you?

You know, that's an interesting idea, making IBOs responsible for collecting sales tax on customers ... oh wait, I already do!

But you know David, I'm not an authentic end user of Amway pasta because I pay sales tax. I might be a retail buyer of it because of that - but I'm authentic because I buy it because I want it.

And let's not forget, as I've already shown on this site, of registered Amway members who purchase Amway products - around 75% is to people who receive no financial incentive to do so!

So why else are they buying the stuff David?

They've no financial incentive.

Is it because the like the products? Consumers in the Ukraine last year voted both Artistry and Nutrilite two of their favourite brands. Consumers in China voted Amway one of the top 100 brands in that country. Consumers in South Korea voted Amway one of their favourite foreign companies. Consumers in Malaysia, Taiwan, China, Thailand and Hong Kong named Nutrilite and eSpring some of their favourite brands. Consumers in the US told that Nutrilite was their favourite supplement brand. I could go on and on.

Or just check out a partial list of Amway's Awards & Recognitions on Amway Wiki

But you know something? I entirely agree - if people are buying Amway products for inauthentic reasons, like they think just buying stuff will make them rich, and they're encouraging others to do the same - they're running a scam.

It's also just plain dumb.

Tex said...

Most IBOs buy the products because their upline tells them to, by a combination of "love-bombs" and not so thinly veiled threats of not helping them if they don't.

IBOFB said...

Any evidence at all to support that claim?

Joecool said...

Any evidence at all to discredit the claim?

Joecool said...

How do you know there is no financial incentive? How do you know what incentive thay have for buying the products? Maybe they were fed false promises of easy wealth. Maybe they cling to the hope of residual income.

Tex said...


Yes, I lived it for 12 years, you IDIOT!

If what you you claim was true, most IBOs would continue buying after they quit. They don't, or there would be FAR more real retailing going on. You know all this, yet you continue to be incredibly intellectually dishonest. Your unethical behavior is exceeded only by your lack of morals.

IBOFB said...

JoeCool - the statistics provided in the TEAM vs Quixtar lawsuit prove it.

Tex - according to data presented in Wilbur Cross's book on Amway, 25% of people who cease being Amway distributors continue to be customers. Given (from TEAM vs Quixtar) that 50% of people who become distributors never order products, this means that half of distributors who actually try the products *do* continue as customers.

As for your "living it" Tex - have you lived the experience of every IBO in the world? How can you claim everyone elses experience is the same as yours? I have a business I built in Australia (not the same as the 3% one JC) that has people buying products every single month, and they have for years - and not a single one of them is in any sort of regular contact with any of their upline. No meetings, no BSM, not calls, nothing.

How exactly are they buying because of "love bombing"??

For that reason, how about me? I buy stuff all the time. I emailed my upline yesterday, first communication I've had with him in ages. How is he "love bombing" me exactly? How is he "threatening me"?

Did you ever even consider that perhaps the reason why every single Amway-related distributor lawsuit has to do with the LOA you were affiliated with and it's offshoots, but there's been none regarding the rest, the majority of Amway? Why is that Tex? Do you think maybe it's that group that is different?

Tex said...

What makes you think a book written by a pro-Amway author (an obvious suck-up book sold to IBOs) is accurate?

What makes you think your persective is the more common situation?

I've long noted N21 is a "kinder, gentler" LOA, but their tool scam fangs dig just as deep. Every once in a while, they still show their true colors, such as the Jim Dornan/UK letter fiasco, of which YOU were a part. Just face it, until the LCKs produce the tool scam profit numbers, they get painted with the same broad brush, as they should.

Legal Scan said...

I am glad IBOFB said the following words. "But you know something? I entirely agree - if people are buying Amway products for inauthentic reasons, like they think just buying stuff will make them rich, and they're encouraging others to do the same - they're running a scam.

It's also just plain dumb."
This is exactly what the plain dumb thing is happening in India.

quixtarisacult said...

Amway product quality is merely a red herring. These badly overpriced, unremarkable products are unsellable in a open competetive market, but as any enquiring mind will soon learn, Amway operates a monopoly business where Amway products only compete with other Amway products in the AmScam catalog while outside purchases are deemed 'verboten' by special instruction of the Amway kingpins and their reality inverting tools, and suspect pro-sumer ideology.

What makes Amway buyers monopoly buyers? The 'being core' loyalty which all believers are instructed to operate within by the Kingpin distributors, all who are after their own closed market swindled cash. Goodbye Crest toothpaste, hello Luster, Goodbye Heinz Catsup, Goodbye Tide. Hello mundain Amway clone products.

People who quit the Amway business generally always state they are so happy to be able to go back to using the better well known brands, all of which come at a great savings over their Amway equivalents.

Why in the world would a 'legitimate retailer' choose to pay retail sales tax on what would be their wholesale purchases? Amway considers all sales to their distribution chain as final retail sales. They even brag that they are the '#1 online retailer,' although nearly all purchases through this scam portal are made to the Amway cult adherents themselves, not legitimate retail customers. Of course IBOFB insists that these middlemen are legitimate retail customers. That then explains why they are required to pay sales tax? I guess they expect to put these taxes back in their own pockets when they sell their inventory out? Not!

Joecool said...

Yes, the upline promote self use of Amway products unless they personally profit from somethings else. Example is the use of KATE instead of teh Amway voicemail where you culd at least get PV/BV. Although I have not witnessed it, I would also guess that "some" groups might promote all in energy drinks over XS.