Thursday, 1 October 2009

Welcome back IBOFB, it's good you seek for facts

I am really glad that IBOFB is back in action. Welcome home. You are aware that I have filed a writ of Mandamus petition in the Andhra Pradesh High Court as I have already mentioned in my earlier posts. The Hon'ble High Court has admitted the petition and served notices to the Principal Secretary for Home Department and the Additional Director General of Police, CID and of course Amway India seeking explanations. The Hon'ble High Court refused to serve notices to the TV channels because we could not provide video cassettes of advertisements broadcast in these TV channels.
In fact, the next day for filing explanations to the Amway India and other respondends is October 5. The counsel for Amway India has been dragging his feet to file answers because he is in confusion how to file the answers. If anybody wants I'd certainly send my writ petition to go through and enjoy it.
The IBOFB is ill-informed about the case and jumped to conclusion that I am censoring information. If Amway India feels that its business model is straight and legal, it could have filed the answer in the Hon'ble High Court of Andhra Pradesh long back. Why it is dilly-dallying to file answer is anybody's guess.
These shameless crooks have been looting my country and still posing as legitimate business house. Get out of my country.

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