Wednesday, 14 October 2009

What is a retail sale & what is not, Amway mob should reveal

What is a retail sale and what is not a retail sale? That is the multi-billion dollar question!
The billionaire bosses of the 'Amway' mob would have the world believe that they are compassionate Christian capitalists who have made their fortunes honestly by running 'one of the world's largest Direct Selling Companies' and by offering '3 million individuals' a share of this 'American Way' to freedom, happiness and prosperity.
Sadly, economically-illiterate persons, like your naive young friend, Trivedi, accept the puerile 'Amway' fiction without question and, amazingly, many less-than-intellectually-rigorous regulators, politicians, journalists and Judges have accepted it as well. Consequently, 'Amway' apologists squawk that anyone challenging what they claim to be reality is a: 'fool, liar, communist,' etc.
In the adult world of quantifiable reality, for decades, the billionaire bosses of the 'Amway' mob have been operating a camouflaged money game in which they seek to control the thinking of victims and casual observers alike, by arbitrarily defining victims as 'Independent Business Owners' and illegal payments as 'Sales'. The absolute proof that 'Amway' is a vast fraud, lies in the simple fact that virtually no 'Amway' products are sold to persons who are not agents of the organization. The 'Amway' Ministry of Truth, is always very careful not to make this important distinction, but imagine a shop in which there are no genuine retail customers: only non-salaried sales-staff being paid a commission on their own purchases. Essentially (despite the organization's own alleged 'rules'), this is the crazy (economically unviable) situation that the 'Amway' mob have sustained for half a century. The scam depends on constantly churning fresh economically-illiterate victims through it whilst preventing the majority of temporary victims from complaining about their losses (to independent law enforcement agents, journalists, regulators) by getting them to blame themselves. The 'Amway' mob have even counterfeited their own 'regulators' in the form of so-called 'Direct Selling Associations.'
I have asked the question in the past :
Given the unprecedented scale of misery that they have inflicted, and the real threat that they pose to democracy and the rule of law, what would it be approriate to charge the billionaire bosses of the 'Amway' mob with?
These grinning racketeers have undoubtedly used the tactics of economic and psychological warfare on millions of their fellow citizens and on millions of citizens of the allies of the U.S.A. In this way, they have brought America into disrepute internationally and they are an insult to every fine American sacrificed in the struggle against totalitarianism in the 20th. century. Therefore, it would seem that a very strong case of Treason (as defined in the U.S. Constitution) could be brought against the billionaire bosses of the 'Amway' mob. However, I very much doubt that any American leaders have the courage to demand such an approriate charge. We will probably have to settle for charges under the Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organizations Act of 1970.
David Brear


IBOFB said...

What is a retail sale? That's easy - it's a sale made to an end-user, not for the purpose of resale.

Do I get the multi-billion dollars as a cheque or wire transfer?

Retail -

Selling directly to consumers (Investor words)

the sale of goods to ultimate consumers, usually in small quantities(

Go ask your local tax authority the difference between a retail sale and a wholesale sale and who is responsible for paying any retail sales tax.

Hint: if you're the one ultimately responsible for paying the retail sales tax, you made the retail purchase!

Or course, I fully understand that in the not-quite parallel world of the devoted Amway critic, anyone who buys pasta from Amway and eats it is not actually consuming ii if they're also registered as an Amway distributor. And of course, they're only having to pay the sales tax because Amway has bribed government authorities into ignoring the fact that this person consuming the pasta is by no means actually a consumer .... roflmao!!!

Tex said...

ibofb is wrong. He is using the dictionary-only definition. Amway defines a retail sale in a specific manner within their rules. It is a sale to a non-IBO. It may be at a retail price, wholesale price, or any other price. The primary reason for non-IBO sales is to show demand for the products without the PV/BV incentive. ibofb is a BIG FAT LIAR.

Even the FTC has sent out mixed signals regarding the requirement for retail sales (sales to non-IBOs). However, the above Amway retail sales practice provides a measure of confidence an illegal pyramid isn't being formed, or else an MLM could sell $10,000 pencils to its own members and claim they have "retail customers." ibofb is an IDIOT.

dtytrivedi said...

well i would say there are ony two type of sales in Amway
1. wholesale sales, that is the total products which amway distributors have purchased from amway in a particular period
2. Retail sale: retail sales which amway distributor sells the product to non ABOs. however it is not compulsory that retail sales should be sold at the same price which is printed on product, he can give discount but he can't sell less than the DAP (distributor available price) of the product or wholesale price of the product which he gets from the company.

So it can be said when that amway china wholesale turnover during 2008 was $2.5 billion

Joecool said...

One important question would be how many IBOs would buy the Amway products if they were not IBOs with the dream of early retirement and residual income?

IBOFB said...

Tex - Amway's retail sales rule is a separate issue, it plays no role in determining whether Amway is a pyramid or not.

JoeCool - 75% of registered Amway members (IBOs,ABOs,AIEs etc) who purchase products have no financial incentive to do so as they're not receiving bonuses. 25% of people who have registered with Amway and tried the products and do not renew continue to be customers.

Joecool said...

There goes IBOFb pulling numbers out of a hat. Care to share with the audience how you arrived at those numbers?

Tex said...


LIAR. I told you before what I asked Amway, and they agreed with me. Retail sales help prevent the $10,000 pencil illustration and and illegal pyramid from forming. LIAR!!!

jc, I addressed the 75% issue on the other thread. Again, ibofb is full of crap, as usual.