Monday, 5 October 2009

Call mom or mother both or same, IBOFB

That is exactly what I have mentioned. IF a distributor fails to purchase products in any month, he is not qualified for the commission. If he does not purchase how he is going to use or sell them. This IBOFB is only twisting words as if he is telling me new things. IBOFB funnily equates selling rice with Amway products. If there is really market for Amway products like rice they could have sold them in the open market. IBOFB did not elaborate whether I misunderstood the Amway affidavit or the Andhra Pradesh High Court Division Bench misunderstood it. IBOFB still is trying to bluff that it they are false facts and false conclusions. If he does not do it, he is not IBOFB, the apologist of Amway.


dtytrivedi said...

now thats the same question i ask too that do u know the logic behind it.

The reason is simple u don't attned the meetings.

do u know that in open meeting which is conducted once in every week it takes 45 to 70 explain the whole stuff.

they are not mad.

Now here is the reason if u don't undertand it shoot question on me regarding any thing.

AS u must be knowing that in conventional distribution system product moves from manufacturer to consumer through various intermediaries. and this intermediaries add up cost plus there is also advertisement.

so for e.g if a product is made at Rs 35 (manufacturing cost) when it passes though intermediaries and advertisment it becomes Rs 100.

Pepsi and coke are the best examples.

Now amway's perspective is to remove these intermediaries so that 60-65% of commision generated goes to consumer.

so consumer at 1st becoming distributor gets 20-25% discount.
then there is 6-21% pay out based upon retail sales.

Now listen carefully

distributer can either retail all this alone or he can recruit under him.

and after that there is 4% royalty bonus and rest are leadership bonus and others which makes it 60%.

so here the person can get 60% of the margin i through this business.

And u always say that amway is charging high prices of product.

did u ever spend time to seee that amway has also launched other products which are lower tha n the others!!!1

dtytrivedi said...

and 6-4-3 is an e.g. to show that here is one of the ways he can achieve it.

he can also do 3-4-6 or 3-3-3-3-3 or 2-2-2-2-2-2



in this business model any downline can go ahead to its upline, if u anlyse the business b urself.

dtytrivedi said...

and if u don't know that amway is also offering reasonable products, pls ask me it won't make u small.