Thursday, 8 October 2009

Amway sure is a criminogenic cult

It is my stated opinion that (based upon the quantifiable evidence), the organization most-commonly referred to as 'Amway,' is a pernicious or criminogenic cult. Its self-appointed sovereign leadership are an absurd bunch of narcissistic parasites feeding off traditional culture and who hold themselves accountable to no one. They steadfastly pretend absolute moral and intellectual authority whilst pursuing various hidden criminal objectives (mainly, fraudulent).
In reality, the grinning 'Amway' mob (who have amassed billions of stolen dollars over half a century) should never have been allowed to get away with their crack-pot swindles for so long. This, like the Bernie Madoff affair, is a shameful reflection on the USA as a whole. They have used some of their ill-gotten gains to infiltrate traditional culture to such a degree, and to corrupt so many politicians, law enforcement agents, Judges, etc. , that it has now become of matter of political will if they ever face criminal prosecution under the federal Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organizations Act of 1970. There are certainly 5 members of the US Congress who should be indicted in connection with 'Amway.'
In brief, 'Amway' is a dangerous totalitarian movement perpetrating a series of inter-related frauds on a global scale, with US-based rulers who are currently enjoying immunity from criminal laws enacted by American democratic institutions and which were designed to limit the subversive activities of major organized crime groups.
The silence of these billionaire 'Amway' charlatans, when faced with persons who know exactly what they are, and exactly what they are doing, is deafening. The absolute proof of their guilt lies in the simple fact that, if they were innocent, they would sue persons such as yourself, myself, Eric Scheibeler, Scott Larsen and Robert FitzPatrick for defamation. However, they must know that such a malicious prosecution is itself a breach of RICO legislation and that it could be the swiftest way for them to wind up behind bars.
Thus, the 'Amway' mob remain tight-lipped, whilst on your Blog, we have three of their de facto agents who keep regularly posting their intellectually-castrated comments in defence of the indefencible. Trivedi seems to be little more than a wide-eyed, latter-day 'Oliver Twist' who has fallen into the hands of manipulative thieves. Scott Johnson seems more like 'Bill Sykes,' a loud-mouthed coward and a bully who only likes to pick on those whom he believes to be weaker than himself. Steadson is definitely in the mould of the 'Artful Dodger.'
The inflexible, self-gratifying delusions of these three 'Amway' stooges (although slightly different) are so predictable, that all direct communication with them is currently a pointless waste of time.
We should always remain focused on the 'Amway' organ-grinders, not their monkeys.
David Brear


dtytrivedi said...

well thats clear that u knowmuch about amway. but still u don't know sales and marketing plan- don't know how person can build business.

even u don't posses product knowledge of amway. u only speak regarding the price. shyam knowing the price does not mean knowing the product.

u have still not answered my question regarding amway regarding glister Vs. other brands of toothpaste.

forget about amway 6-4-3 plan, what to ask from a person who say 6% = ruby direct. and still he thinks that he has more genuine information.

Shyam for the moment just forget about the facts, it would be much fruitful if u focus on the plan6-4-3 of amway. i am not wrong u mentioned that amway has lucurative plan so that it lures the people to join---- well u must also be knowing that amway also has high attrition rate, many people come in amway they just don't think thats their cup of tea and so they claim and they get their money back, if they claim in stipulated time.

IBOFB said...

Brear seems to forget that Amway did sue Scheibeler - and won. Not that Scheibeler said much about Amway anyway, he was talking about his upline - who is no longer with Amway.

You gotta love Brear's idea of "self-appointed" though. It's like calling Donald Trump a "self-appointed" billionaire because he went and did the work to do it. or Michael Jordan a "self-appointed" basketball champion.

So yeah, you'äre right. They are "self-appointed". They did the work, they got the results. You know the great thing about being "self-appointed", David? Anyone can do it! How fair is that? :-)

Tex said...


I guess that would make you Bull's Eye!

What you don't know is I have had several telephone and email discussions with Eric Scheibeler, and we are much more in agreement than you think. Get a clue. LOL

What ibofb likes to "forget" is the tool scam Eric describes is still being used to rip off IBOs in the U.S. and other countries, minus the UK, and probably others, suchas India and Russia.

Joecool said...

IBOFB apparently is a self appointed expert and savior of the Amway business.

Funny how all that expertise apparently didn't lead to a lot of PV. LOL